Don’t Stop, Just Let Me Join

Don’t Stop, Just Let Me Join

Breezy Bri , Kaylee Lang and Annie King

An Exclusive Perv Mom Annie King Scene

Stepcousins Breezy and Rion have had a crush on each other for some time now, and they finally decide to act on it. Rion fingers Breezy and rubs her clit, but their fun is interrupted when their stepmoms, Annie and Kaylee, come home early. Annie sees Rion and Breezy playing with each other before Kaylee does, and while she is alone and unnoticed, Annie touches herself. Seeing her stepson being so horny and forward turns her on. She can feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter, and she can’t help but pleasure herself. Before Kaylee can notice, Annie regroups herself and then scolds Rion and Breezy. Later, Annie explains to Rion that what he is doing is natural and it’s okay to be turned on. She gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock. Rion is stunned and can’t believe his stepmom has his cock in her mouth. She just wants in on the fun, and she couldn’t care less if Rion and Breezy mess around. Rion gets his chance to go all the way with his stepcousin not long after. Breezy wants to make their last day together count. She straddles him and lets Rion suck on her perfect tits, but before they can fuck, they’re caught again. Annie tells Kaylee she’ll handle it and uses this opportunity to play with Rion again. Now, the horny milf gets to mess around with her stepson and his stepcousin. Breezy is game and finds the situation is even hotter now. Rion has to do everything he can not to cum right away, but it’s difficult when his stepcousin and stepmom are taking turns sucking his cock. He withstands and gets a chance to pummel both of their pussies. The lucky stud fucks hard until he busts his load. He pulls out before he cums inside of Breezy and cums on his stepmom’s face instead. This fling will forever be their three-way secret.

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