Graduating Cum Laude

Summer Hart

Summer Harts stepson is getting ready to go off to college, but first he has to make sure he gets accepted to one! In the meantime, he wants to comfort her. With him going off to college, she will probably be all alone. But when he looks in the trash, he finds his college acceptance letter buried amongst the debris. Looks like Summer wants him to stay home more than he thought. She is even willing to slobber on his hard cock to make it happen! Later on, Summers stepson is looking at apartments online because he is still planning to go off to college. His education is too important to his future to give up for a blowjob here and there. That is when Summer steps in again. She shows up and spreads her legs, and makes him want to bone her again. He does not complain when she whips his dick out and starts rubbing and tugging. A few days later, Summers stepson is still feeling a little bummed because everyone he knows is away at college. Looks like his stepmom has more control over him than he thought. When he sees her at the pool, she asks him to rub her down with some lotion. Then, she takes her bikini off and lets him fill her up with his long pool noodle. I guess this is what they mean by graduating cum laude!

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