Pranking My Pervy Stepmom

Nina Elle

Nina Elle is literally addicted to her phone. She cannot even take a shower without being on it. Since shes always distracted by it, her stepson decides hes going to prank her. He finds her mini vibrator pouch in her drawer and puts it in her panties. When she gets on a call, he uses the remote to control the orgasmic vibes on her pussy. She cant help but moan, but he did not realize she would get so horny! A couple days later, he walks into the room and Nina is on the phone again. This woman never learns! He walks over and puts his cock right on her shoulder. Shockingly, she wants to suck it, even while shes on the phone with a client. What a crazy bitch! Finally, Nina has had enough. Her stepson has been pranking her all week, so it makes sense that she has gotten tired of it. She wants to prank him back. She goes into his room while hes resting, pulls of all his comforters, and then starts filming his soft cock! Then she starts sucking it, and he shows her that his cock works just fine. This stepmom, stepson relationship has never been better!

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