Risky Business With My Stepmom

Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips is such a hard worker. She is always breaking her back! So, her stepson wants to do something special for her. He wants to give her a little surprise for her to come home to. It is not much, but he cleans the house for her to take the load off her shoulders a little. When she notices, she is so happy. Little does she know, he has a bubble bath waiting for her too. He shows her to it, and now it is her turn to surprise him. She asks him to join her! But that is not the only surprise she has waiting for him! A couple days later, Lauren is back to work again. She is on a conference call and is all business. When her stepson come by and reminds her that she promised she would hang out with him, she tells him to buzz off! He cannot seem to get her attention, so he figures he should try something new. He whips out his cock and puts it on her shoulder and she cannot ignore him anymore. She starts licking and sucking while she is on the phone, and before long, her stepson is deep inside of her. Later on, Lauren makes a picnic for her stepson. She takes him out to the backyard and leads him out to a blanket on the lawn. She tells him she is sorry for working so hard and ignoring him. It is almost like a dream. But he is so happy that she is finally realizing that she should give him a little more attention. And he likes the way she gives it to him, too. Letting him spread sunscreen all over her and then letting him play with her hot tits. And the way she rides him is not bad either!

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