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One On One Cock Talk
london river

The next day, my stepmom is hanging out in the kitchen when I come inside to talk to her about what went down earlier. She wants to take a rest, so we head back into the living room where she lays her head right next to my dick. Next thing I know, I am rock hard in the pants again, and she is taking my shaft between her lips. Then she strips her clothes off and has me stick my cock inside her.

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Greasing My Joystick
brooklyn chase

My stepmom can be pretty nosy sometimes. I just want to hang out at home and play video games, but she comes in and has to start a ruckus. Then she starts asking me how often I masturbate. She says my penis is like a muscle, and then jerks me off so that I can keep fit. What a workout!

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Those Hard To Reach Places
london river

My stepmom has been definitely making a huge effort to get closer to me. But today, she is bringing it to another level. She calls me into the bathroom to help her reach some spots that she cannot shave herself. Namely, the area around her pussy and ass. Since she is so hot, I cannot help but get a huge boner as I shave around her nether regions. And when she notices, she decides to give me a nurturing, stepmotherly blowjob.

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Midnight Snatch Snack
jasmine jae

A couple days later, I am resting when I open my eyes to find my stepmom looming over me and looking at my cock like she is hungry for a snack. She must have snuck in my room while I had my eyes closed! Well, I will not deny that this is a more than pleasant surprise. I bend her over and put my throbbing dick inside of her, and her MILF pussy makes me want to cum harder than ever before. For some reason, I am starting to feel very close to my dear, darling stepmom!

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Man Of The House
kenzie taylor

A couple days later, I am making the bed when my stepmom comes in wearing an incredibly hot, see through lace lingerie piece. I can barely keep my eyes, or my hands, off her. This time, she seems to really be in the mood, because she is all over me. She says she wants to give me what I really want while my dad is gone. Well, what I really want is her hot, MILF pussy wrapped around my cock. And boy, does she deliver!

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My Key, Her Ignition
jasmine jae

Later on, I cannot find my keys anywhere. I think I left them in the door, so I go ask my stepmom if she saw them. But while I am trying to find out a simple piece of information, she has her blouse open with her huge headlights exposed! She tells me my dad has not been giving her hooters any attention, so she wants me to fill in. Well, I am happy to give her a hand, and a cock!

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Her Hands Are Tied
kenzie taylor

Later on, my stepmom gets herself into some big trouble. Somehow, she gets herself caught shoplifting at the mall. I have to go pick her up, and when we get home, she begs me not to tell my dad. I can definitely keep a secret. But I tell her she is going to have to get down on her knees and please me to keep my mouth shut. She also is going to have to put on these handcuffs...

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Fishnet Freak Fest
jasmine jae

Jasmine Jae looks stunning in a fishnet outfit complete with a down coat, designer shades, and some sexy manicured nails. She rubs herself from top to bottom, taking pleasure in running her hands over her sensuous curves. She gets on the bed to be filmed topless by our lucky stud, but soon pushes away his camera to get a little closer. She takes his huge cock in her mouth, deepthroating his shaft with an intensity that only a horny MILF can provide. Our stud rips her fishnet pantyhose open and eats her ass and pussy from behind as she moans and groans in sheer delight. Then he pounds her from behind as her mature pussy gets wetter and wetter. Jasmines tits bounce and jiggle along with the aggressive rhythm of our studs salacious stroking. She finishes him off by taking a heaping load of cum in her mouth. This MILF is a star!

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Caught Playing With Toys
kenzie taylor

My stepmom is barely wearing anything while she is doing laundry, and it is really turning me on. But when she finds the sextoy I took out of some girls locker at school, I am so embarrassed. She tells me she is going to throw it in the trash, but later on, I find her using it on herself in the living room. Little does she know, I have a remote control for this vibrating contraption.

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After Dinner Donk
jenna jones

The next day, I come back to the hotel room and see my stepmom lying on the bed in a sexy dress. She tells me she just came from dinner with a client and could not stop thinking about me. I am so excited as she dims the lights and gets herself ready for another amazing fuck sesh with me. Then she tells me I fuck her better than my dad ever does. Well, when she puts it that way, I know I have to deliver the goods. I climb on the bed and fuck her with everything I got until I bust my load all over her!

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My Calming Cock
jenna jones

A couple days later I am laying in bed when my stepmom gets up and starts to get ready for work. I pretend like I am still resting so I can watch her get dressed. When she is done, I get up and she tells me she has a big business meeting today and her nerves are all in a bunch. I tell her I know how I can help relax her, but she has to promise to hang out with me the next day. She agrees, and I give her the most relaxing dick down of the century.

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Business Trip Dick
jenna jones

Traveling is supposed to be fun, but there is nothing to do in this hotel room with my stepmom. She wants to rest before her big meeting, but I am so bored I cannot close my eyes. She gets out of bed and I see her perfect ass in that little black thong of hers, and get an idea of how I can amuse myself. So, before she leaves the room for her business meeting, I get her to suck my cock.

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Cum Tan Lotion
summer hart

A few days later, I am feeling a little bummed because everyone I know is away at college. I guess my stepmom has more control over me than I thought. At least her body does. When I see her at the pool, she asks me to rub her down with some lotion. Then, she takes her bikini off and lets me fill her up with my long pool noodle. I guess this is what they mean by graduating cum laude!

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Cooking Lesson Cum
crystal rush

A couple days later, my stepmom is still trying to teach me. This time she wants to show me how to cook. She has a full bag of flour ready to use, but when she spills some on the floor, she takes her shirt off to clean it up. That exposes her incredible tits, and just like that, my dick is rising like a souffle in an oven. I pound her doe with my long rolling pin, and then I laminate her face with my creamy, white glaze. I wonder if this is going to show up on final exams!

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Apartment Cunting
summer hart

Later on, I am looking at apartments online because I still am planning to go off to college. My education is too important to my future to give up for a blowjob here and there. But that is when my stepmom steps in again. She shows up and spreads her legs, and I want to bone her again so bad. I cannot complain much when she whips my dick out and starts tugging and rubbing

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Physical Education Class Ass
crystal rush

Later on, my stepmom is still on my case. I am trying to rest, but she comes in wearing a tight sports bra that is squishing her tits tightly against her body. She takes me out on the balcony do some physical education, and we work out together. I watch her do some squats, and after a while, I need to know what her toned ass feels like. She bends down and whips my cock out to help my muscles relax. Then, I finally get to feel her body a little more intimately.

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College Acceptance Head
summer hart

I am getting ready to go off to college, but first I have to make sure I got accepted to one! In the meantime, I should comfort my stepmom. She is such a sweet lady, and my dad is never around. And with me going off to college, she will probably be all alone. But when I look in the trash, I find my college acceptance letter buried amongst the debris. Looks like my stepmom wants me to stay more than I thought. So much that she is willing to slobber on my hard cock to make it happen!

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Anatomy Lessons From My Stepmom
crystal rush

My stepmom is so annoying. All I want to do is watch the game, and she has to come into the TV room and spoil my fun. She wants to teach me because she promised my dad she would, but she is definitely not a teacher. She is teaching me stuff about anatomy on paper, but we all know that anatomy is a subject better taught in person. At least she understands that much. She shows up in her lingerie and then lets me touch her breasts so I have a good idea of what they feel like in person. Hope my dad does not walk in!

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Model MILF Behavior
britney amber

We almost got caught by my dad last time we were fucking in my room, so this time we are trying to be a little bit more discreet. I meet my stepmom in her room for a secret fuck sesh. She looks so damned sexy in her red lingerie that she wants to show off some more. She models for me and I get harder than Abe Lincolns face on Mount Rushmore. Pretty soon I am flat on my back in bed and she is riding me again. She thinks I have been such a good boy that she does not even mind when I cum right in her pussy. I wonder what dad will think!

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Pay Attention To My Pole
janna hicks

A couple days later, my stepmom walks into the room calling me a big baby once again. She tells me she is leaving for a little bit, and since we have been having such hot sex, I am not too happy about it. She tells me to stop being a baby and start being a man. I get up and grab her by the arm and tell her she cannot leave because it would be child neglect. So she gets down and gives me all the attention I could ever ask for. She sucks my eager dick and takes me balls deep. I guess my stepmom loves me after all!

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Putting The F In MILF
britney amber

Later on, my stepmom is so happy I did a good job keeping her from getting any tan lines that she shows up in my room naked. I am not sure what she wants, so I tell her exactly what I am thinking. She looks like a total MILF. She says that means I must want to fuck her. No, duh! So, she indulges my wildest fantasies and climbs up on my cock.

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Washer Fluid Wetness
janna hicks

I guess my stepmom ran out of cleaning rags or something because I catch her wiping the windows down with her tits. Of course, seeing her press her fatties against the glass in front of me gets me going, so I pull out my cock and start playing with it. In my lustful haze, I forget that windows are see through, and my stepmom sees what I am up to. She rushes in and grabs be by the balls, ready to squeeze them right off! She tells me to give her one good reason she should not, so I give her my cock deep down in her pussy.

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My Stepmom Wants Me To Oil Her Up
britney amber

My stepmom needs my help with a very special task today, and boy am I happy to be of assistance. She wants me to put lotion on her back so she can get an even tan. Before I start rubbing her down, she takes her top off so she will not get any tan lines. Holy moly, her tits are huge and sexy! I can barely contain myself. Maybe my stepmom will like my own bottle of

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Chores For My Stepmom, The Whore
janna hicks

My stepmom is so annoying sometimes. All she wants to do is get me to clean up and do my chores around the house. I have more important things to do! Well, today my stepmom is trying to get me to do my laundry. She challenges me to grow up and get out from underneath her skirt. I do not want to grow up, though. I want her to take care of me forever. So, I remind her of when I was little and we used to cuddle. Next thing I know, I am back underneath her skirt eating her soaking wet pussy!

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Last Ride At The Rodeo
trinity st clair

The next day, my stepmom is in a totally different mood. That is when she reveals to me that she got what she needed. She is pregnant! She has my dads baby in her. But I am not so sure it is my dads. What if it is mine?! Either way, I have other things on my mind. I want one more go around with my crazy, sexy stepmom. So, she strips down on the couch and lets me enter her from her blind spot. I fuck her from behind before flipping her over and providing her a huge meat injection.

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Date Night Dong
sovereign syre

Later on, I tell her I am going on a date, and all of a sudden it is back to square one. She is pissed. She tries to keep me at home again, stealing my keys and hiding them like she is a little kid. I only put up with it because I have a feeling I know where this is going. She keeps bugging me until she rips my pants off and has my throbbing sword in her mouth. She licks and slobbers better than any date ever could. And her MILF pussy is as close to heaven as I will ever get. Hallelujah!

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I Still Need Semen
trinity st clair

Later on, she wants to finish what we started. Last time, we got interrupted by my dad coming home. So, this time, she comes into my room and climbs on my bed. I am starting to think my stepmom is a bigger perv than me! She assures me I will not get into trouble as she sucks my fire stick. Then she rides me like a skilled equestrian. Who knew this lady was such a bombshell in the bedroom. What have I gotten myself into?

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Sneaking In For Snatch
sovereign syre

Now that my stepmom has finally gotten to play with my cock, she is being so nice to me. And I am really starting to appreciate just how hot she is. She has this sexy red hair that makes my cock rise faster than mercury in a thermometer. Last night, I could not help myself. I snuck in to her room to see her resting with her ass hanging all the way out. She definitely was not upset. She played with me in ways that made me feel like a real man. And I gave that sexual attention right back to her, right in her mouth.

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Caught With Her Panties
trinity st clair

Okay, I know sniffing panties is a thing, but sniffing your stepmoms panties is a whole different ball game. So when my stepmom catches me jerking myself off into hers, I am super embarrassed. Luckily, she is a very understanding woman. She sits down on her bed and tells me she wants to help me correct my behavior. She wants to work out a deal. She will not tell my dad if I give her my semen. She sucks my cock and then slides my pervy peen inside her chacha. What a dream come true.

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Divorce This Dick
sovereign syre

My stepmom can be so crazy sometimes. I know she just wants me to stay at the house to be with her, but she does it in such roundabout, irrational ways. Like she steals my keys and makes me think I have a million chores to do. That is all kinds of fucked up. So, when I tell her I am going to my dads house, she is not happy about it. She makes a huge scene, but I tell her if she wants me to stay, she is going to have to prove it. She does, and boy she makes a convincing case. How can you say no when your cock is getting played with!

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I Cant Let Her Sleep Alone...
syren de mer

That night, I stay ready because my stepmom told me I still owe her. Sure enough, she shows up at my door in a sexy nightgown. She says she hates sleeping alone when my dad is out of town, but we both know why she is really here. She backs her booty up on me while I hold her, and as soon as she starts wiggling her ass into me, I get a rock hard boner. This time I fuck her from every position possible before unloading my swimmers into her mouth. What an amazing day!

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Stepsons Selfie Dick
sarah vandella

A couple days later, my stepmom is at it again. Now she is taking selfies with her robe open and her tits popping out at me. She says she needs me now before my dad gets home, and I am on it like white on rice. I run, actually more like SPRINT, to her room and jump on the bed. She is so happy to see me, she does not even notice the desperation in my eyes as I ravish her luscious body. I fuck my stepmom in so many positions, I am not sure where I end and she begins anymore. If only life could always be like this!

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Stepmom Facesitting
syren de mer

Later on, my stepmom is pretty pissed off because she found out it was my dick she was sucking, not my dads. But even though she is mad, I can tell she liked what we did. Now she tells me I owe her. Then she demands that I open my mouth. She says she has not had her pussy eaten in years, and I am more than happy to help her out with that problem. She sits on my face and cums all over me! Thanks for being so lazy dad, I do not mind picking up the slack!

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Dont Swipe Left!
sarah vandella

Later on, I see her phone laying out and have to check it out. I see some of those sexy vids I knew she was taking, but I did not expect to find one of her masturbating! It turns me on so much I have to touch myself. But while I am jerking it, my step mom walks in and asks if I have seen her phone. Yes, I have it in my hand. No, my other hand! Luckily, she likes the attention I have been giving her and shows me a little attention in return. She sucks my cock and then rides me until I cum deep inside of her.

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Blow The Opportunity
syren de mer

Getting home from college I thought that there would be a huge welcome party waiting for me. But when I get through the front door, nobody seems to have even noticed I was gone. Where is everybody? I walk through the house and pass by my stepmoms bedroom and see that she is tied to the bedposts and blindfolded! She starts talking to me like I am my dad. Well I am not going to blow this opportunity. She is!

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Sexy Selfies On Fleek
sarah vandella

My stepmom is so clueless when it comes to social media. But that is okay, because it means she will ask me for my help. She is so hot, with her long blonde hair and her fat tits. But when I leave, I am pretty sure my stepmom is going to go a little crazy on the sexting. Knowing her, she is probably snapping a bunch of sexy pics of herself with those perky tits all over the place. I cannot wait to get home and see what she has done all day…

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Backyard Bone Time
lauren phillips

Later on, my stepmom makes a picnic for us. She takes me out to the backyard and leads me out to a blanket on the lawn. She tells me she is sorry for working so hard and ignoring me. It is almost like a dream I had. But I am so happy that she is finally realizing that she should give me a little more attention. And I like the way she gives it to me. Letting me spread sunscreen all over her and then letting me play with her hot tits. And the way she rides me is not bad either!

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Doing Dishes Gets Dirty
lily lane

Later on, my stepmom is on my ass again! Can you believe this woman? I already came twice today, and she expects my meaty cock to be able to rise? She better make it work. And like any responsible stepmom does, she does. She shows me her sexy ass, wiggling it and shaking it for me like she has been taking lessons at the strip club. Well, that is enough for me stepmom. I am ready to go! I love eating her ass and then fucking her from behind, even if she does the dishes at the same time.

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Polly Want To Cum!
lauren phillips

A couple days later, my stepmom is back to work again. She is on a conference call and is all business. When I come by and remind her that she promised she would hang out with me, she tells me to buzz off for a little bit! I cannot seem to get her attention, so I figure I should try something new. I whip out my cock and put it on her shoulder and she cannot ignore me anymore. She starts licking and sucking while she is on the phone, and before long, I am deep inside of her.

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My Stepmom Wants My Juice
lily lane

My stepmom told me that whenever I can go again, I should just let her know because she needs my little swimmers to do their job and deliver her a baby. I definitely can handle that. So when I pass by while she is doing laundry, I tell her my dick is ready to rock. She gets ready in a second and slides my big baby maker inside her. She really wants this juice!

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Extra Hard Work
lauren phillips

My stepmom is such a hard worker. She is always breaking her back! So, I want to do something special for her to give her a little surprise for her to come home to. It is not much, but I clean the house for her to take the load off her shoulders a little. When she notices, she is so happy. Little does she know, I have a bubble bath waiting for her too. I show her to it, and now it is her turn to surprise me. She asks me to join her! But that is not the only surprise she has waiting for me!

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Great Cock Size Cums With Great Responsibility
lily lane

My stepmom is in that part of her life where she can feel her biological clock ticking. Honestly, it kind of freaks me out, but the lucky part is that she is looking around for anything that will get her preggers. My dad is shooting blanks, though, so her only hope is my fat cock. The thing is, I never asked to be a hero. I was just born with these gifts. Oh well. With great cock size comes great responsibility. And that responsibility today is to fuck my stepmom in the bathroom and cum inside her cougar pussy. I can handle that!

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Seductive Stepmom Strikes Back
nina elle

I have been pranking my stepmom all week, so it makes sense that she wants to get me back. She really gets me good this time. She comes into my room when Im resting, pulls of all my comforters, and then starts filming my soft cock! Women know thats when we are at our most vulnerable! Then she starts sucking it, and I show her that my cock works just fine. This stepmom, stepson relationship has never been better!

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Stepmom Oils My Cock
natasha starr

My dads been working so much recently that I guess my stepmom has been starved for cock. How else can you explain why she keeps coming after my johnson like its made of gold? This time, shes not playing any games. She comes into my room with a bottle of oil and starts rubbing me down. I get so slippery that I slipped right into her pussy. Before long she wants to taste me. So, I blow a load in her mouth, DUH! Im such a good stepson!

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Call Waiting On Stepsons Cock
nina elle

A couple days later, I walk into the room and what is my stepmom doing, shes on her phone again! This woman never learns. So, I walk over and put my cock right on her shoulder. That is when I realize shes talking to one of her clients on the phone. I guess its not so bad if its for business, but she still deserves this cock on her shoulder. She thinks she does too, because she starts playing with it. Then she starts sucking it while shes still on the phone! What a crazy bitch!

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Sexting With Stepmom
natasha starr

Wow, I had no idea that getting my dick sucked by my stepmom the other day was going to open up such a HUGE can of worms. But what can I expect when she has such HUGE cans? She sends me this photo of herself showing them off, and says she wants me to please her right now. Who am I to say no to my stepmom?

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Remote Controlling My Hot Stepmom
nina elle

My stepmom is literally addicted to her phone. She cannot even take a shower without being on it. Since shes always distracted by it, Im going to prank her. I find her mini vibrator pouch in her drawer and put it in her panties. When she gets on a call, I use the remote to control the orgasmic vibes on her pussy and she cant help but moan. I did not realize she would get so horny though!

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What Makes A Milf?
natasha starr

Sometimes I like to look at porn on my phone. Sue me! That does not mean my needs to be a snoop about it. She takes my phone, and sees all the filthy fantasies I have been scrolling through for the past few hours. Luckily, she doesnt care that Im looking at porn. She just wants to know if I think shes a MILF. So she pulls up her skirt, and then lets me examine the back of her throat with my cock.

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Its Her Birthday And She Can Fuck If She Wants To
melissa lynn

I cant believe I forgot my stepmoms birthday. All that head must have scrambled my brains. Good thing she thought of her own present. She let me fuck her on her back, and couldnt stop telling me how much better I was then my dad. In the end, she got just what she wanted for her birthday, a steaming load from her stepson.

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A Gift For My Stepdick
nina kayy

My stepmom told me she wanted to give me a present. What I didnt realize was that the present was a strip tease and a pole ride. She sucked my cock before putting it between her tits and letting me go to town. Then she turned around and sat on it, taking it all the way down. She gets so excited when I bust my nut inside her. Pretty good gift, Id say.

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Stepsons Dick In All The Right Places
melissa lynn

One day, my stepmom asked me if my dad was home. Then, she asked me to follow her to her room and help her take her shirt off. I couldnt help but rub my face in those tits. And it doesnt hurt that my stepmom sucks a mean dick.

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Binging On Stepsons Cock
nina kayy

My stepmom loves movie night with me, but it always seem to go down the same way. It starts with us watching a movie, and then she closes her eyes to rest. This time, I slipped my cock in her mouth. She was surprised, but then dove down headfirst on my wang.

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Work That Mature Pussy Out
melissa lynn

My stepmom works out nonstop, and every now and then she can use some help. This time she asked me to help with her legs and thighs. Fortunately, her thighs are pretty close to her pussy, so you cant really blame me for letting my hands wander a bit.

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Grown Up Bone Up
nina kayy

My stepmom is always getting nostalgic. She loves to hang out in bed in her heels, and look at photos of me when I was young. But I guess the nostalgia makes her horny, because she likes me to eat her pussy when she gets like that.

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A Cinnsational Stepfuck
christiana cinn

The next night, I could not sleep...and neither could my stepmom. I have not stopped thinking about what we did. I am hungry for more, and I am not the only one. That night, my stepmom snuck into my bedroom and laid in bed with me. She asked me to hold her so I wrapped my arms around her. Inconspicuously, she started to rub that sweet ass of hers against my groin. I know what she wants, so I whip out my cock and rub it against her. Before I knew it, my cock was in her warm, experienced mouth. Goddamn can that woman suck some dick. I fucked her hard and made her beg for every inch of me before feeding her my load.

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Stepmom Love Me Long Time
lucky starr

My stepmom, Lucky Starr, is a crazy ho. While giving me a massage, her hands wandered to my cock. As soon as she felt the big bulge in my pants, she went for the zipper as fast as she could and whipped out my cock. At that point, there was no stopping her. She sucked my dick like it was a snorkel and her life depended on it. Then she climbed up on top of me. My dick is huge but I had no problem sliding right inside her.

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The Cinnamom
christiana cinn

It has been a week since my stepmom and I fucked around. She comes into my room, telling me that she feels like I have been avoiding her out of regret, but I assure her it is actually the opposite, I have been keeping my distance because I want her so bad! Girls my age do not know what the fuck they are doing but my stepmom is a pro! She knows how to suck cock and her pussy tastes like a honey baked ham. She loves it when I stick my cock deep inside her.

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The Stepmom Starr Fucker
lucky starr

When my stepmom was rambling on and on about how hard cougars have it, she started getting frisky. In the middle of basically narrating her midlife crisis, she started rubbing her ass against my cock. When I whipped out my big fat cock, her eyes got hungry and her mouth went to work, slobbering up and down my shaft like it was her last meal. I slipped my dick in her, filling her pussy up....

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Sexual Happy Hour With Stepmom
christiana cinn

Man, I was just hanging out in the living room, watching some TV when my stepmom walked in. She was acting crazy, having come from happy hour with some girlfriends. She seems out of it, but not happy out of it, so I ask her what is wrong. She does not want to talk about it at first but then she just blurts out that none of the guys at the bar were hitting on her. She says that she loves the attention, because it makes her feel special. So I decided to give her some attention and make her feel pretty special. We begin to make out, knowing it is wrong but unwilling to stop. She grinds up on my cock and I whip it out, climbing on top of me the way she has fantasized so many times before.I fucked her real good and filled her up with my seed.

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Cum Upon A Starr
lucky starr

My girlfriend, Jenny, is being a dumb bitch lately. I have been lifting and working out and she doesnt even seem to care. My stepmom, on the other hand, actually cares about me. She is an awesome lady, she kinda reminds me of the cool, old lady from Moana. One day, she was giving me a massage when her hands went a little north and she started grabbing my rock hard cock...

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Stuffing Stepmom Like A Turkey
india summer

Fresh from her shower, my stepmom laid out on the massage table and called me over. She proceeded to take my fingers into her mouth, sucking on them one by one. She wanted to get my hand nice and wet before I slipped my fingers into her wet pussy. Two fingers led to four fingers, and pretty soon I had my entire fist inside of her, making her moan for more. I fucked her good before laying down, spreading my legs and making her eat my asshole. No one had ever done that for me, but my stepmom was down. I blew my load all over her face and left her smiling. Man, I need to come visit my stepmom more often.

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Mature But Still Fertile
rachael cavalli

Mrs. Cavalli called me over because she said she had something to tell me. That crazy bitch says she is pregnant! I did not think that was still possible. Maybe she is just trying to trick me into squirting inside her lonely ass again? I hope so because otherwise she is gonna take a short trip down a flight of stairs! Nah, I am just kidding, but seriously this hoe better not be pregnant. She can, however, feast on my cock a little more. Mr. Cavalli better not find out that I destroyed his wifes pussy.

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Soapy Stepmother Sex
india summer

After my stepmom fed me full of hot dogs, she devoured my weiner and decided to take a shower. She called me over and said she needed some help. It was awkward watching her just stand there with warm water running across her naked body, so I decided to roll up my sleeves and help her out. I massaged soap scrub all over her backside, taking special care to wash her big round booty, one cheek at a time, before giving some special attention to the crack of her ass.

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Cheating With The Kid Next Door
rachael cavalli

Well, turns out I got the job! I went over to thank Mrs. Cavalli again and she was happy to see me. She looked incredible! All dressed up to go out with her girlfriends. She lured me back upstairs to her bedroom and got on all fours, pulling my cock out again and taking it in her mouth. I fucked that cougars pussy and left her hungry for more...

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Hot Dogs By The Handful
india summer

My stepmom sure does know her way around the grill. I went to visit her and she fired up a few hot dogs so we could enjoy a hot summer afternoon together. It was the first time I had seen her since she and my dad got divorced. She had always been hot, but seeing her in her bikini and an apron really did it for me. When she noticed my hard on straining underneath my shorts, she got down on her knees, pulled out my cock and wrapped her lips around it

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The Summer I Spent Fucking My Neighbors Wife
rachael cavalli

My neighbor, Mrs. Cavalli, is so fuckin hot. When I went next door to thank her for my summer job, she had me come upstairs to move some furniture. It did not take long for her to tell me that Mr. Cavalli has been working around the clock lately, and leaving her feeling very lonely. Up there on their deck, she laid down in the lounge chair and started rubbing my cock through my shorts. She pulled it out and sucked me off. Her husband can never find out...

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Sacrifice The Virgin
tara ashley

Turns out the nice lady with the warm mouth has a husband! Hes out of town but hes coming back today and it looks like his wife wants to keep a souvenir, namely my virginity.

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My Stepmom The Cock Crazed Slut
silvia saige

It looks like blackmailing my stepmom has paid off! This time around, I was just laying on my bed when she walked into my room, hungry for more dick. Turns out she loves my dad but she loves my cock a little bit more, taking it in her greedy mouth and showing off her cock sucking skills before climbing up on top of me. Dad better not find out Im fucking his slutty new wife.

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The Sweet Taste Of Cougar Pussy
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The cougar from the dating app sucked me off yesterday and now I want to return the favor. She doesnt even have to suck my dick this time, I just want to nibble on that pussy and make her cum.

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Double Jeopardy For Stepmom
silvia saige

I caught my stepmom sneaking in after a night out with her friends. Im pretty sure shes lying about having dinner with her friends, I bet she was out being a slut again. This time, shes gonna have to give up the pussy if she wants me to keep my mouth shut. And she does. When my dad called looking for her, I told him she was out doing chores...as I slipped my cock inside her.

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A Cougar In Sheeps Clothing
tara ashley

I found this sexy cougar on a dating app. She keeps talking to me about sucking dick and its driving me crazy! I cant stop thinking about her and what it would be like to shove my cock down her throat.

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Stepmom Swipes Right
silvia saige

Holy shit! I was online, looking to get my dick wet and guess whos profile I came across. My slutty stepmom! And whats a stepson to do but extort a bitch? If she wants me to keep her secret, she better suck this dick.

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Stepmoms Sexual Sleepover
christie stevens

My girlfriend and I went to my room to take a little nap, but in no time flat, my mischievous stepmom came sneaking in. She tiptoed over to the bed and stripped out of her clothes, turning me on while my girl slept peacefully beside me. My stepmom got me so hard, but she took care of it, gobbling up my cock and getting it nice and wet before pulling my meat inside her. I could get used to this kind of tender love and care.

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Stepmoms Pussy Buffet
kiki daire

I had to knock on the door when I got home because I forgot my keys. My stepmom seemed pretty annoyed when she came to the door, but I had a feeling her frustration was less about me getting home late and more about her sexual frustrations. She tried to play coy, her wide set eyes rolling in exasperation. When she tells me the only thing that helps her get back to sleep is a good orgasm, I drop to my knees and eats my stepmoms pussy like Im at an all you can eat country buffet.

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Stepmom Craves Attention
christie stevens

While my girlfriend was sitting on the sofa, nursing a bum knee, my stepmom was busy doing the most to get my attention. Shes naughty! She was dancing around behind my girlfriends back, flashing me her big titties and trying to get me in trouble. I try to be slick, but my girl can tell that my attention is somewhere else!

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Stepmoms Striptease
kiki daire

Stepmom called me into the living room so she could try on some new panties. She wanted my opinion but it was hard to concentrate on the lingerie because my mind was racing thinking about sticking my cock in her warm mouth again. I didnt have much time to think because in no time, she had peeled off her bra and was rubbing her big titties. And who knew my stepmom had a tattoo? Right over her big fat hairless pussy, there is a tiny red heart with some writing on it. I was a little distracted but Im pretty sure it said No Regrets. Man, my stepmom is the best.

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Stepmoms Cock Workout
christie stevens

My new stepmom is a handful! I was home with my girlfriend, we were working out in the living room when my stepmom got home. I was pretty boned up from watching my girl workout and stretch in her tiny little shorts, and it seems my stepmom noticed. She called me into the kitchen to help with the groceries, but before I knew it, her hand was on my cock, and then my cock was in her mouth. I got so carried away, I forgot I had left my girlfriend working out in the living room!

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Knock Before You Enter
kiki daire

My stepmom barged into my room yesterday without even knocking. What if she had walked in on me doing something? Shes so weird, I dont understand what dad sees in her,...well, aside from her huge tits. But then she showed me. My stepmoms loud mouth was good at something other than barking at me about doing my chores.

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Spying On My Hot Stepmom
makayla cox

After going to church in the morning, Wrexs stepmom seems a little distracted when she gets home. She confesses to him that shes been having some impure thoughts. Thoughts of her stepsons hot cock inside her. Her demons have been working overtime and mom wants to exorcise them all at once. But shes gonna need his help. She strips out of her clothes slowly, teasing her son and getting his dick hard. Mom gets down on her knees and takes his cock in her mouth. He bends his stepmom over and fucks her hard from behind. She pushes him onto her bed and climbs on top, straddling her stepson and riding his big cock, taking it deep inside her. He blows his creamy load all over his stepmoms face, leaving a satisfied smile on her cum soaked lips.

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Tucking In Stepmom
sofie marie

My bleary eyed stepmom slips into my room to wish me a good morning. I am still in bed and my morning wood is too tempting for stepmom to pass up. Your father is gonna be home soon, she says. Theres no time to waste, so I pulled her into bed and fed her my cock. She rode me hard, enjoying my firm dick inside her before my father came.

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The Cock Crazed Stepmom
makayla cox

While Wrex is hanging out on the sofa, his hot stepmom walks into the room wearing a skimpy black dress. Shes wearing high heels and a handbag, ready for a girls night out while her husband is out of town. Whatever, he says. His step mom stops in her tracks. Sensing something is bothering her stepson, she goes over to the sofa to see how she can help. Hes frustrated by some pent up urges, he tells her and she decides that maybe she doesn’t have to go out with her girlfriends after all. She grabs his knee and he knows exactly what she wants. He drops his gym shorts and fucks his stepmom in the living room.

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Dad Will Never Know
sofie marie

Its girls night out and mom is getting ready to head out with her single friends. She reminds him there is lasagna in the fridge and tells him not to wait up. Later that night, mom gets home feeling a bit tipsy. She asks her step son to help her with her zipper, and he is happy to. When she turns around, she sees that big bulge again and she cant help but reach out and grab it. You are so much bigger than your father, she coos and licks her lips. He pulls down his shorts and unleashes his rock hard cock. Stepmom gets on her knees, grabs his dick and presses against her tits, rubbing back and forth and then sucking on it. She bends over the bathtub so she can take her step sons dick deep in her ass.

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Using My Pervy Stepson
makayla cox

Stepmom gets home from the mall, carrying a few shopping bags. She doesnt see me when she goes into her bedroom and starts trying stuff on. Stepmom is super hot and I cant help myself. I loves to watch her. Stepmom takes off her top and her big titties come bouncing out. She peels out of her tight jeans, unknowingly giving her stepson a great view of her toned body. Or at least he thought so. Come here, you little perv, she calls and startles him. Nervously, he comes into her bedroom. I’ve noticed you looking at me, she says before her eyes drop and fix on the bulge at the crotch of his pants. She tells him to come closer and then drops to her knees, pulling her stepsons rock hard cock free of his shorts. If hes gonna spy on her, at least she can have a little fun with it.

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Stepmoms Little Helper
sofie marie

Helping his stepmom out around the house, Chad finds her slaving away in the kitchen, making his favorite dish. When she gets tomato sauce on her slinky dress, she asks him to get her another from the laundry room. When he comes back to the kitchen, he finds his stepmom has stripped out of her dress. She is at the sink in her bra and panties, trying to wash the stain out of her dress. Chad stays out of sight for a couple minutes to enjoy the view before walking into the kitchen. Stepmom cant help but notice his hard cock bulging under his shorts.

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Job Interview With My Stepmoms Pussy
ariella ferrera

I finally showed stepmom I was growing up by going for a job interview. She was so proud of how handsome I looked. She gave me a kiss and sent me on my way. I returned from the interview saddened. I was not chosen for the job, but I told stepmom how I would not give up and keep trying. I was becoming her little man! She rewarded me by fucking my brains out and letting me jizz all over her face. Boy do I love my stepmom.

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Lust In The Living Room
olivia blu

I caught my father resting out on the couch. He was so hopeless. My stepmom then entered the room ready to do some yoga. She caught me watching her from a distance and flashed her plump ass at me. I soon had her bent doggystyle over the couch and was plowing her tight milf pussy. Just as I jizzed on her face, my father woke up and saw what was going on. I sure hope I dont get grounded!

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Taking Care Of Stepsons Load
ariella ferrera

Stepmom called me into the laundry room to scold me. She said she was not my maid, but she was definitely hot enough to be! She accused me of wearing dirty underwear too. She made me strip down and put those stinkers in the laundry. She even threw her panties in there since they were kind of moist as well. Once the load was all set up, stepmother helped me set up my own load by stroking my cock and rubbing it on her cunt. Before I knew it I was fully inside her and she was bragging about how good I made her feel.

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Ironing Out My Stepsons Boner
olivia blu

I could not believe how sexually deviant my stepmom was, so I decided to confront her about it. She was ironing my pants at the time and dressed in only her lingerie. She noticed my boner, and from that point I was screwed. She dropped down to her knees and opened wide. I came inside her mouth and found out my sperm tastes way better than my fathers. At least I am doing something right…

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Taking Advantage Of Stepmom
ariella ferrera

My stepmom greeted me in the kitchen and was automatically on my case. She made me feel like a good for nothing idiot. She even accused me of taking advantage of her. In order to help me become more independent, she thought it would be a great idea to teach me how to make breakfast. As she was showing me how to scramble eggs, her titty popped out. It looked way more yummy than what we were about to cook. The eggs were taking so long that stepmom got restless. She had her breasts out and was sucking on my cock before the yolks were even cooked. Stepmom certainly did not expect to be eating her stepsons creamy egg whites for breakfast this morning!

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Stepmoms Tableside Blowjobs
olivia blu

Stepmom began to rub my lap at the table. My father was so preoccupied that he did not even notice. She could feel my cock swelling. While dad had his head stuck in his paperwork, stepmom had her face crammed onto my big cock. I never took her for being such a dirty milf slut.

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Stepsons Cock Is Bigger Than My Husbands
cassandra cain

Stepmom came home and threw herself all over me. She revealed to me that I had a much bigger cock than my father and she wanted it now. I helped her undress and she helped me stick my cock in her mouth. She then rode me until I was about to pop. I pulled out and jizzed all over her perfect ass. I love my stepmom with all my heart.

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Snacks For My Stepson
blaten lee

Stepmom was making muffins when I asked for cupcakes. She was doing this to get my nerves up. She was even dressed in her sexiest lingerie too which made me extra hard. Before long we forgot about the muffins and remembered how to get down and dirty. I fucked her motherly pussy right there in the kitchen and came all over her caring face. I think the muffins got burned.

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I Can Only Fuck My Stepmom
cassandra cain

My stepmom found a used condom on the floor while she was cleaning my room. She does not want any putas getting fucked in her house. If anyone was going to get crammed with cock it was going to be her. Stepmom then slowly crept into my bed and mounted me. I fucked her brains out and she swallowed my cum. I loved fucking her so much more than the inexperienced girls from school.

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Womb Envy Stepmom Style
blaten lee

After a long day at work, my stepmom got home so drained that she began to take her clothes off right in front of me. I told her that was a bad idea, but that did not stop her. I could not help but get turned on by her hot body. She truly enjoyed blowing me earlier in the day and now wanted to get impaled by my stiff teen cock. How could I say no? I fucked her juicy pussy on the couch until she was calling me daddy, even though I was her damn stepson…

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Latina Stepmom Teaches Her Stepson The Dance Of Love
cassandra cain

Stepmom was dancing while vacuuming in the living room and I was captivated by the way she moved. Her round ass looked so perfect. She saw me watching her and figured maybe now would be a great time to teach me how to dance too! It would help me be popular with the girls at school. She began to grind on me and my cock got so hard. Too bad dad came home before we could take things any further…

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Getting Paid To Let Stepmom Suck My Cock
blaten lee

I really needed some spending money so I decided to go ask my stepmom for it since she usually coughs it up quick. I happened to walk in on her while she was getting dressed and she said she would give me the cash, but only if she could suck my cock! I was shocked, but also pretty pleased. Having a super hot older woman give you a blowjob does not happen too often. I had to make the most of it.

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Pounding Stepmom Before Dad Gets Home
alessandra snow

My nosy stepmom caught me masturbating for the first time ever. She seemed a little too devious about this, like she knew she was going to catch me. She divulged that she knew I was watching her the other day. It looked like I was screwed, but I was actually fucked… In a great way! Stepmom took my cock orally to make up for the time she left me blue balled and even let me get inside her moist pussy too. For a woman who has had kids, that twat was pretty damn tight!

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No One Takes Care Of Me Like Stepmommy
kagney linn karter

I told stepmom about the horrible date I had. She knew just how to take care of me! She took me into the bedroom, rode my cock, and let me ravage her tasty pussy. I came all over her stomach and promised to never tell dad. I think we were both on the same page :)

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Stepmom Goes To The Spank Bank
alessandra snow

Stepmom came home from work looking tired and annoyed. She took her heels off and went in her room to change. I decided to stand by the door and get off to the sight of her hot mature body. She started to masturbate and I was freaking out. This was the hottest shit I had ever seen. I even got some shots of it on my phone. Keeping these shots for the spank bank!

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Finding My Stepsons Taboo Family Porn
kagney linn karter

My stepmom somehow got access to my laptop and uncovered my stepmother porn stash. She thought it was funny and asked me if I ever fantasized about her. I tried to deny it but she knew what was really good. Before long my cock was shoved down her throat and I was hoping dad would not walk in on us. We can never do this again!

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Stepmom Is Working On My Dick
alessandra snow

My stepmom was a little cranky and did not want to go to work. She was being supercritical and even scolded me for looking at her huge tits. This is the first time I have ever gotten caught doing that. I tried to lie, but she saw me adjusting my boner. Now I had to show it to her. Fuck. She grasped my dick firmly and whipped her tits out. This was turning out better than I had expected, too bad she cut things short and left me with blue balls for no apparent reason. Hopefully she will make it up to me later...

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Sexual Education With My Stepmom
kagney linn karter

I noticed my stepmom in the shower and decided to take a peek. I got so turned on that I exposed myself. Stepmom took it easy on me, but she saw this as a sign that I needed to be talked to about sex. Awkward! Before I knew it she was giving me an anatomy lesson with her own body. She even showed me how to masturbate. This was the best day ever!

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Stepmoms Friends With Benefits
alexis fawx

I was so tired of seeing my best friend have all the fun with his stepmom. I wanted to get me some of her fine mature ass too. I approached her and commended her on the way she cares for her stepson, and begged her to give me the same treatment. She walked me inside and began to take care of my cock as if I was her own family. She even fucked me too. This was way more than I was expecting, but boy did it work out in my favor! She sucked cum better than my stepmom ever did ;)

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Sinful Stepdaughter Love
mindi mink and jessica rex

Stepmom caught me sneaking in the house after a late night. She was accusing me of being a slut. She wanted to teach me a lesson. She made me strip right in front of her. It was quite degrading, but she made me more comfortable when she started to strip too. She kissed me tenderly then told me to eat her ass. I had never done this before, but had no choice to make her happy. It tasted ok I guess. We then took turns pleasing each others woman parts until we had both forgotten why we were even upset in the first place!

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Becoming The Cool Stepmom
alexis fawx

My stepmom caught my friend and I hanging out in the kitchen and started getting sexual with me way too quickly. She has to learn that we should keep these things more private! She did not give a fuck though and began to suck me off right there. She was starting to think thats why my buddy has been spending so much time at our house recently, to see her take care of me. She continued to give me a passionately sloppy blowjob until I blew my load in her mouth once again. My stepmom is the best!

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Stepmothers Muff For Dinner
mindi mink and jessica rex

Dinner with my stepmom later that night was business as usual. Mostly silence until she decided to scold me on my eating etiquette. Could she just shut the fuck up and keep her opinions to herself for once? It got to the point where she was so upset that she commanded me to lick her pussy. It tasted much better than the food she had made that's for sure! She instructed me on how to use my tongue to pleasure her. I think she was starting to like me :) No need for dessert tonight!

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Afternoon Snacking On My Stepson
alexis fawx

My stepmom loves to bother my friends and I. We were just trying to relax and watch tv until she showed up in a revealing dress and started distracting us. We usually don't mind this, but she decided to give me a cock massage right in front of my best friend! This is usually something we do in private, but she handled it with candor. I could not keep a straight face when she began to blow me. My friend could tell that I felt like the man, and he definitely was not wrong. Things got even crazier when she used her tits to fuck my cock. My friend was focused on us more than the tv! Stepmom then rode me until I was ready to cum and sucked it all out so we wouldn't make a mess.

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Masturbating While My Stepdaughter Cleans
mindi mink and jessica rex

My stepmom is such a bitch. She always wakes me up early on sundays to do chores when I just want to sleep. She had me change into something short and comfortable before we got started. I began cleaning and my stepmom was still bitching at me from the couch, telling me to work harder and put some more muscle into it. She then started to masturbate while she watched me clean. This woman is crazy! She tapped my pussy as she walked out of the room telling me I was a good girl. Maybe she was not so bad afterall.

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My Irresistible Stepmom
marie mccray

I passed by my stepmoms room and saw her talking to my dad about my birthday. All I really wanted was to feel her pussy again. I penetrated her while she was on the phone with my father and made sure that she knew that regardless of my present, she is all I ever really wanted.

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Nympho Stepmom Does Not Stop
alyssa jade

Stepmom came into my room super nervous. A picture she had kept of her eating my cum was stumbled upon by my father. We were royally screwed. I was trying to think about how to fix this and all my stepmom could think about was getting impaled by my large dick. I gave it to her one last time and gave her another facial. I was sure to take a picture of the fruits of my labor and save it for father for later :P

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Stepmoms Booty For Breakfast
marie mccray

My stepmom was being nice and was making me cereal for breakfast. I was more hungry for her phat ass and juicy pussy though. I began to grope her as she made my bowl. I only had a little bit of time before my dad wakes up. Not only did I get to fuck her nice and quick, but also nice and good. This was the most satisfying breakfast since last weeks chocolate chip pancakes!

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Stepmom Makes No Promises
alyssa jade

I got a really weird text from my stepmom. It had a naked picture of her and it said to meet her in the shower. I was curious so I proceeded to the bathroom. All stepmom could think about lately was my dick. She needed more. I had some major blue balls from our last encounter, so I decided to give this another shot. My stepmother was soon sucking my cock dry and riding me. This can never happen again. I told stepmom to at least promise me that. Her answer was not what I was expecting…

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Watching My Stepson Masturbate
marie mccray

Not only did my stepmom find my jizz rag, she also found all of the stepmother porn on my tablet. She thought it was funny and wanted to see some cum spurt out of my dick while I looked at her. I had no choice but to do this. She started playing with herself too which made things a little easier, and much hotter.

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Taking Sexy Pics Of My Stepmom
alyssa jade

I caught my stepmom in the bathroom taking sexy selfies for my father. She seemed embarrassed, but that did not stop her from asking me to help her take some pics. I needed some cash for the movies so I agreed. Stepmom removed her top and was all nude except for her bright red panties. She had a pretty nice body for an older chick. She started to get way too comfortable and removed her panties. She noticed the bulge in my pants and crawled over to me. She wanted to suck my cock. I let her start, but it made me uncomfortable so we stopped before I could finish.

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Interrupting Stepmoms Phone Sex
danica dillon

I caught my stepmom having phone sex so I decided to join in on the fun from the hallway by playing with my cock. Stepmom caught me, but that did not really distract her from her call. She stayed on the phone and started to please me while she was still on the phone with my dad. I felt pretty guilty, but also pretty awesome. My stepmom was an outrageous cock sucker. I loved the way her pussy felt too. I came all over her ass and my dad will never know that all the moans he heard on the phone were meant for me and not for him. Am I a bad son, or am I just that fuckable?

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Stepmothers Semen Deposit
tucker stevens

Stepmommy called me into the living room to tell me that her pregnancy test came up negative. She needed another cum deposit, and was willing to deposit a little extra into my allowance if I helped her out. How could I say no? Stepmom quickly got on her knees and started to suck me because she knows I like it. Getting paid to watch her gag is an amazing feeling. I then rammed her mature cunt until my cock exploded with cum inside her. Even if this does not get her pregnant, I may be down to fuck her again just for fun ;)

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Stepmothers Seduction
danica dillon

I was super nervous about my first ever job interview so I asked my stepmom for advice. She gave me a mock interview and coached me throughout. She even insisted I may need to seduce my interviewer. That is when things started to get awkward. I had to somehow seduce my stepmom without hesitation. I was obviously very nervous but once her mouth engulfed my cock I think I was getting the hang of it. I fucked her confidently right after and blew a monster load in her mouth. She did say I came a little too soon, but its something for us to work on.

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Stepmom Stole My Cum
tucker stevens

My stepmother is fucking crazy! She stole one of my used condoms out of the trash and funneled my cum into her pussy in an attempt to get pregnant. That is not cool at all. Good thing I caught her halfway into it. Hopefully that load was not the lucky one. She ended up sucking me off again and somehow mounting my cock. I guess if she was going to get pregnant I might as well get something worth my while out of this too. I came inside her mature pussy really nicely. She felt the warmth, and felt the confidence that she would soon be bearing our child.

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Sniffing Stepmoms Panties
danica dillon

I was sneaking around my stepmoms room in hopes of finding a pair of her panties to sniff. I was in luck! I found a lacey light blue pair soaked in her juices. It was amazing and got me instantly hard. I got so caught up that I did not realize my stepmom had walked into the room. She was not mad though which was surprising. She asked me if I liked the smell of them. Of course I admitted to her the truth. Before I knew it she removed the panties she was currently wearing and made me sniff those too. I loved it. She even let me taste her sweet pussy. I think I made her cum…

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Your Father Is Shooting Blanks
tucker stevens

Stepmom was venting to me about how bad she wanted a baby while she was washing the dishes. It seems that my father has been shooting blanks. She kept insinuating that maybe I should get her pregnant since I have the same DNA as my father. She was quite persuasive with her exquisite cocksucking skills. So damn good in fact that she actually had me considering helping her out. Too bad dad got home early and had to spoil our fun.

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Using Stepmom To Relieve My Stress
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My final session with my stepmom was a rough one. I have been feeling super angry since I have not been able to fuck her yet. Dr. Skye suggested that I just take what I want. I had my stepmom naked in minutes and was jamming my long cock up her mature cunt in no time. She was tighter than most of the girls I have been with around my age. I stimulated her asshole with my thumb as I continued to thrust my cock in and out of her moist pussy. The moment I came on her face was the moment I no longer felt angry or upset. This woman works wonders!

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Craving My Stepsons Cum
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I was trying to make my stepmom happy by fixing the sink that my dad never did. She was so proud of me! I was really becoming the man around the house, and she recognized that. Besides giving me warm words of praise she also teased me and pleasured my cock with her mouth. I then started to fuck her MILF pussy until she moaned with the purest joy. She swallowed my cum again since she really missed the taste. What stepmommy wants stepmommy gets!

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Progress With My Stepsons Penis
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When it came time for my second counseling session with my stepmom, I was more excited than nervous this time around. As we sat in the living room my cock automatically became hard from the sight of her. Her voice made my dick throb. She was happy with my progress, and pretty much read my mind about wanting a blowjob. The only catch was I would have to convince her to do it. I started by ripping her blouse open and squeezing her massive mammaries. Before I knew it she was neck deep on my erect penis. Watching my cum explode out of her mouth was so hot. Mature women really are more experienced!

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Stepmother Appreciation Sex
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Stepmom came home from work in a horrible mood. She went straight for a glass of wine and barely talked to me. I decided to go check on her. I really care about her. She apologized to me right away for what happened. She was feeling underappreciated at work and at home. Did she not realize how much I loved her? I reaffirmed that fact by drilling her pussy with my hard cock. That's what stepmom really needed! Some good dick. My dad never fucks it so why shouldn't I? I even came inside her so she could remember what it's like to feel that warm sensation of being loved.

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Mutual Sexual Assertion With Stepmom
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I got involved in a road rage incident and almost ended up in jail. Good thing my stepmom is a social worker and vouched for me with the judge. All I would have to do now is sit down for counseling sessions with her and I’m basically off the hook. Stepmom insisted my aggressive nature stems from not knowing how to assert myself, especially with women. She made me refer to her as Dr. Skye and began to undress in front of me. I attempted to touch her bare tits, but she shooed me away and instructed me to pull my cock out and masturbate. We pleasured ourselves mutually and separately. My stepmoms pussy was so hot. I think we both came at the same exact time.

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Nuts About My Stepmom
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I somehow really hurt my testicles super badly when I went skating. My stepmom heard me moaning in pain from her bedroom. She was worried so I let her inside to assess the situation. She asked to see my injury, but that seemed super embarrassing. She does always find a way to make me feel better though. She held my cock in her hand and rubbed it ever so softly. It really made me start to feel better. She even kissed it and then sucked all the pain out. My stepmom is incredible.

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Fuck Me Before Your Father Comes Home
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Stepmom called me up to her bathroom so I could give her my opinion on a new dress she bought. My dad was going to be home tonight and she wanted to look nice for him. I could not stop focusing on my stepmothers hot body. She knew this, and knew once dad was back she could not fuck me for a while. We moved things to her bed for one final fuck before father arrived. She sucked me good and I drilled her just right. Stepmom sucked down my cum as usual and dad would never be wise to our intimate family affairs.

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Stepsons Special Affection
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Stepmom has not fucked me in a while. I decided to confront her about it. It turns out she was done with me because she already got pregnant. But what if I was not done? I developed a sexual affection for my stepmom. If she did not want to ride my cock again I would have to tell dad. She did not like this, and would do anything for me to keep our secret. It did not take her long to start riding my throbbing cock right there in the living room. I missed her cunt so much. She even deepthroated me farther than she ever has before. She sucked out my load one last time and made it clear that deep down in her heart I was the only man she would ever need.

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My Stepmom The Horny Housewife
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That night stepmom went out all night and did not come home until morning. I confronted her about it asking her what my dad would think about that. She said she did not give a fuck. She was trying to get hit on the whole night, but did not have any luck. That was hard to believe considering she was not wearing any panties! I saw her exposed pussy again for the second time in one week. This was starting to get overwhelming. Stepmom could see I was getting nervous so she sucked my cock to calm me down. I even got to fuck her velvety pussy this time. I felt so dirty and so amazing. My dad would kill me if he ever knew about this. Good thing stepmom sucked my load down again to hide the evidence.

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Stepmoms Sex Drive
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Stepmom was very pleased with me for helping her attempt to get pregnant. She approached me in my room not to just fertilize her for pregnancy, but simply because she was craving my large teenage cock. She really rode me unlike any girl ever has. Her huge tits were sure great to look at as I tried my hardest not to cum. It got to the point where I could finally explode and got it all inside and around my dirty stepmoms cunt. I have never seen her happier. I am a very good boy.

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The Stepmom Snuggle And Suck
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I woke up nice and early only to be greeted by my stepmom in her lingerie. She had not slept all night. She was craving some snuggles since dad has been away for so long. That was weird. Before I could even say no she had already hopped in my bed and made herself comfortable. It did not take long for her to stop stripping and playing with her incredibly tight pussy right in front of me. Boy did it look yummy. She saw I was getting hard and decided to suck my warm cock. This seemed so wrong but felt so right. I could not hold myself back from cumming in her loving mouth. I felt so ashamed, but also completely satisfied.

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Put Your Cock Away Dad Is Home
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I was snooping around my stepmoms room in hopes of finding some of her panties to sniff. They smelled amazing and felt so soft. I decided to rub them on my penis. Just as I was starting to get close to orgasm stepmom came in and caught me. Instead of being upset, she was totally flattered! She went even further to tell me about how my father was sterile. She promised to keep my sniffing a secret if I helped her get pregnant. It was hard to say no as she placed her lips around my cock. Just as I was about to penetrate her dad showed up and ruined everything…

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Emotional Stepson Sex
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Stepmom had a long day at work before we intervened for dinner. She was flashing her underwear to me as she vented all of her problems. It turns out my father has been cheating on her. She was very emotional about this. I had hardcore sex with her and made her mature pussy cum to make her feel better. I even came inside her mouth so she could relive the feeling of being loved. I think I made her night.

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Hot Outdoor Rubdowns With Stepmom
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My father was blowing up my phone trying to get in touch with my stepmom. She was outside in the backyard dressed super skimpy while watering the grass. I handed her the phone and overheard that my father had cancelled their dinner plans. Stepmom was pretty pissed, so I decided to join her instead. Before I could head back to my room, stepmom asked me to rub some lotion on her back. She quickly began to rub her throat on my cock again shortly after that. I even got to test out her pussy. It felt very nice and soft. I was about to climax right after she did, but freaked and pulled out. I hope this doesn’t ruin dinner…..

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Mature Mother Finally Fucks Sons Best Friend
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One final meeting and I was almost there. My friends mom greeted me in the tightest lingerie. Her fat ass and massive tits were all I could focus on. I fucked her until her mature pussy was leaking cum all over my young cock. I provided her with my first ever facial, and she provided me with some hot maternal support. Even though I was just her sons friend, I could tell she loved me just as much as if I was her own.

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Lusting For Motherly Love
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I was invited back to my friends moms house and this time her breasts were out more than ever and she was wearing an extremely tight skirt. She exposed herself to me in the kitchen then reached for my long slender cock. She began to suck it as her son slept upstairs. We moved to the couch where she continued sucking but in a more acrobatic position. A noise came from the staircase and we had to cut our session short, but it was clear that both of us wanted to go all the way.

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Feeling Up My Stepmom!!!
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My pervy stepmom always bothers me with inappropriate questions. She wanted my opinion on her boobs and then she ended up sucking my post pubescent cock! My dad even called while she was about to finish me off. Talk about one hell of a morning…..

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Stepmommy Loves My Morning Wood
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I woke up late for school so my stepmom came into my room to try and get me out of bed. Instead of talking about the day ahead, she could only talk about how much she loved my cock. She has not been having as much sex with my father as usual, so she needed it real bad. She was always there to help me, so it was only right that I was there to help her. She reached for my morning wood and began to suck. The best part of waking up nowadays was my dick in my sweet stepmoms mouth and pussy! She was getting ready to eat my cum but I popped before she could get it in her mouth. Stepmoms pussy really did me in!

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Punishment Leads To Pleasure
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I thought my stepmom was coming into my room to punish me, but she actually came to me to talk about her sins. She was scared my father would find out about what we have been doing and it had to end. Although stepmom was done, she would not stop complimenting my cock and somewhat going back on her words. She begged me to fuck one last time so she could get me out of her system. I had accumulated quite a load since our last encounter, and no better way to rid myself of it then by stepmoms vagina. I drilled her warm pussy and pounded a hefty load onto her chest. Maybe now she can finally leave me alone!

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Caught My Stepmom Masturbating
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They next day I walked by my stepmoms room and heard moaning. She was masturbating to a pornographic movie. This was fun to watch. She saw me watching and invited me onto her bed. It turns out she just wanted some company anyway. My friends would have been so jealous if they saw what I was doing. I was feeling up on her breasts and watching her play with her cunt feet away from me. She even let me touch her. My penis inevitably ended up in her mature twat. I could barely hold my load in, but when I was ready she was there for me to suck it out. I love my stepmom so much!

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Couch Sex To Save Her Marriage
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Stepmom was a bit too over excited that my father was out of town. She wanted to go out dressed like a slut. I did not think my father would approve, so I attempted to quell her whorish actions. We ended up just fucking on the couch. My immense cock was no match for her aged pussy. She rode me like the girls at school do. I ejaculated into her mouth once again. My stepmom is an addict. She can never get enough of my cum…

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Seducing Stepson With Stretches
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I noticed my stepmoms ass bulging out as she did some early morning yoga. I couldn't help but watch. My cock became as hard as a rock. I went to ask her for the car keys, but then she dragged me into helping her stretch. I got to put my hands all over her ass and body. My cock was about to explode out of my pants. She felt how erect it was and decided to whip it out and suck it. I accidentally came inside her mouth, but she did not seem to mind at all.

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Panic Becomes Nude Pics
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My bestfriends mom was pissed that we partied together and her son didn't come home. I was sure that he just met a nice girl to fuck, but she was being super nervous. She called me over to calm her down. She kept babbling, but I could only focus on her hot motherly tits. About an hour later I got naked pics of her sent to my phone. It looks like she might be wanting to fuck…

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Caught Spying On Stepmom
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Stepmom just got back from shopping and she was looking hotter than ever. Her tits were practically bursting out of her top. Dad was not home either. This could be my chance to sneak a peek. As she went to try on her clothes I watched from a crack in the door. Her body was outrageous. I was getting aroused until she caught me. Instead of pushing me away I was invited into her room. She made me watch her model lingerie. I really enjoyed it. She even let me feel it on her. I proceeded to tittyfuck my stepmom until she swallowed my cum. If my father ever found out we would both be in big trouble!

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