The Naughtiest Bustiest Milf
Starring: Christie Stevens
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Christie Stevens is a naughty little MILF with a streak of mischief a mile wide. She seems to be making herself at home with her new husband and her stepson, trying hard to take his moms place around the house. But mom never had moves like Christie! When she gets home from the grocery store, she finds her stepson and his girlfriend working out in the living room. She gets so turned on by it, she calls her stepson over to the kitchen so she can drop to her knees and suck that dick. His girlfriend cant see her because she on the other side of the kitchen counter, and thats just fine with stepmom. She likes the thrilling danger of maybe getting caught. It gets her so turned on, she can barely control herself. She teases her stepson by flashing her tits at him from behind his girlfriend. Hes so distracted by his stepmom, that his girlfriend even notices. Later when she falls asleep, stepmom sneaks into his room quietly, and makes her way over to him, grabbing at his cock again. She hungrily sucks his cock, getting it nice and hard before stuffing it into her hungry cunt. Its hard, but she manages to stay quiet enough that they dont wake his girlfriend.