Cumming In Stepmoms Panties
kyaa chimera

Bright and bubbly MILF Kyaa Chimera is all smiles and sunshine this morning, but her lazy stepson does not want to get out of bed. To give the slouch some spring in his step, she whips the blankets off to find that he has a stiff boner and some cum in his underwear! She wants to show her boy how to have confidence with girls, so she slurps his girthy dick and offers up her tight MILF pussy. Later, she makes breakfast for her stepson and asks him about girls at school. He has not been having any luck, so she gives him another sensual lesson, sucking his dick under the breakfast table. Later, Kyaa catches her stepson jerking off, but she wants him to learn how to please a real life pussy. She bends over and lets him stroke inside her until he shoots a load of sperm into her panties. What an instructive stepmom!

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Worlds Greatest Stepmom Snatch
lexi luna2

Busty brunette Lexi Luna is a caring MILF, and she knows just how to show her affection in a way that her stepson will surely appreciate. The lucky guy gets a birthday gift that he will never forget, a sopping wet blowjob from his hot stepmom Lexi! Later, the horny lady makes some dinner when she receives some shocking news from her stepson. It gets her all wet, and she needs satisfaction immediately. He offers her his hard sausage and she gobbles it right up. Later, Lexi is lying seductively in bed when her stepson comes sniffing around for some cooch. She lets him dive into her MILF muff and drips juice all over his shaft. Lexi is the best stepmom around!

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Calming MILF Coochie Care
gia vendetti

Raven haired beauty Gia Vendetti can get a little wound up when she has a tough day at work. To help the mature honey cool down, her stepson offers a little sensual comfort. Gia can see that his cock is hard through his pants, so she gives him a loving blowjob! Later on, Gias stepson spills some coffee on his crotch, and while she is helping him clean up, he pops another boner! To help him get rid of it, she slurps his dick in the kitchen. A couple days later, Gias stepson wants her to make some food for him, but while she is bending down he gets a little distracted. To get out of cooking for him, she offers to let him feast on her tight muff. He jumps on the deal, ramming her hard as she cums on his cock.

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Juicy Muff For A Jailbird
brianna rose

When buxom MILF Brianna Roses stepson gets out of the clink, she is there to greet him with open arms. But what her stepson really wants is her to greet him with open legs! The caring stepmom agrees to end his drought, giving her jailbird stepson a hot handjob in the kitchen. Later, Briannas stepson asks for a little more skin. She shows him her bra and her panties, and soon the guy has a raging hard on. To help him get rid of it, Briana takes a mouthful of his cum after a sensual blowjob! A couple days later, Brianna wants to teach her stepson how to fuck so he can find himself a girlfriend. The guy pounds her MILF cunt until he blows a sticky load of cum deep inside her vag. If that does not keep him out of jail, nothing will.

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A Couple Of Cum Swapping MILFs
rachael cavalli and vanessa cage

Rachel Cavalli is the type of stepmom who seems to be able to read her stepsons mind. She can tell that he is super sexually frustrated. She feels for him, so she shows him her fat titties. Later, Rachel is making some food when her pervy stepsons comes around looking for some fun. She lets him pound her out as she cums on his dick! A couple days later, Rachels stepson brings a babe over the house. To Rachels pleasant surprise, it is her old friend Vanessa Cage! The two blonde MILFs decide to rock Rachels stepsons world, fucking him in a super sexy cum swapping threesome. This guys life will never be the same after this sensual encounter!

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Sexy Stepmom Travels
crystal rush2

Busty MILF Crystal Rush is in for a huge surprise when she comes home early today. Her stepson is skipping school and watching porn when she walks in the door. He hides, but she finally catches him as she strips down to hop in the shower. But she is not going to rat him out to his dad. On the contrary, she lets him touch her incredible body. Then, she lets him slide his boner between her legs until he busts a huge nut all over her. Later, her stepson watches Crystal masturbate. She sees him peeping and invites the pervy guy to slip his cock in her tight MILF cunt. He slams her as she moans orgasmically, making her cum multiple times on his prick. Then she laps up his sperm! Crystal can be so caring sometimes.

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A Pearl Necklace For Stepmom
sovereign syre2

When Sovereign Syres stepson opens his phone to find a nude pic of his stepmom sitting in his text messages, he feels like he is living in a fantasy. He confronts the MILF about it, and she tells him that the pic was intended for his dad. He threatens to reveal that she is sending him dirty photos if she does not suck his cock. She agrees, flashing her beautiful eyes as she works his dong. Later, the lucky guy meets his stepmom in the bathroom for a doggystyle bone session. A couple days later, Sovereign tells her stepson that she is breaking up with her stepsons dad. They fuck one last time for old times sake, and he gives her a sticky pearl necklace!

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Nursing Some Nuts
abby lee brazil

Luscious lipped Abby Lee Brazil worries about her stepsons safety, especially since he started dating his crazy girlfriend. Today, he comes home with a case of bruised balls after his girl kicked him in the nuts. He can barely contain himself as he walks into the house, and his stepmom is freaked out. How could anyone do something like this to her sweet boy? She takes a look at the damage and can see that it must be very painful. To make her stepson feel better, she kisses his cock to overwhelm him with sexual pleasure. Talk about nursing a wound! Later, Abbys stepson needs to release some stress. He recently got a suggestion to do some dry humping in order to get some of the tension out without having to go into full on penetration. Abby is willing to help the guy out, but only if it means that he will be able to focus on his priorities. She bends over and rubs her ass on his cock, gyrating her hips until they are both hot and bothered. Finally, she comes up with a plan. She will get butt naked, and he can slide his cock between her thighs to get the friction he needs! A couple days later, Abbys stepson is fed up with all the foreplay. He sees his perv stepmom stretching out in the living room and gets a raging boner. She asks him to help her stretch and then finally decides to give up her tight MILF pussy. They head to the bedroom and she sucks his dick, getting it wet and ready for insertion. She shows off her clit piercing and then arches her back as he enters her from behind. He strokes inside her until he is ready to burst. Then, she sucks a load of cum from the tip of his cock.

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Stepmoms Over Strippers
havana bleu

Sweet Latina MILF Havana Bleu has not seen her stepson in quite some time, so when she finally welcomes him home, she is overjoyed. But when she reaches for a warm hug, she finds that her stepson is packing some kind of heat in his pants. She asks if it is a gun, but her boy reveals that it is nothing of the sort. Its just a stiff boner that is ready to shoot hot cum in her direction! Havana is embarrassed, but she cannot deny being turned on. She shows off her brand new tit job and then jerks her stepson until his father comes home! A couple days later, Havana is cleaning up around the house when he sees his stepmoms big fat ass in her skin tight yoga pants. He has a job interview, but he cannot focus because he has been thinking about what they did in the kitchen nonstop. To get pussy off his mind, Havana decides to do what any responsible stepmom would. She sucks her stepsons thick cock, pleasing him with her sexy DSLs and soft tongue. This MILF is a cocksucking pro! Later on, Havana questions her stepson on his plans for the night. He reveals that he was planning to go to the strip club with his boys. She thinks that a more wholesome activity would be better for him. She knows that her boy does not want to just stay home and watch the tube with his perv stepmom, so to keep him away from the influence of the strip club, Havana convinces him to stick around the house by busting open her tight MILF pussy. The hot stepmom climbs on his cock and goes for a sizzling ride that makes this lucky guys head spin! Now that is some quality family time.

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Stepmom And Stepsister Snatch
aubrey black and katie kush

MILF Aubrey Black is fed up. Her husband is a cheap bastard, and she is not having any fun in their marriage with him being so stingy all the time. Maybe it would be different if he would fuck her every now and then, but he does not even want to do that. Aubrey has reached a dead end. That is when her stepkids start to get some ideas. Her stepdaughter, Katie Kush, tells her stepbrother to go please Aubrey. Maybe then, their parents will stay together. He listens, and Katie watches as her stepmom sucks and slobbers on his cock. Later, Katie reveals that she sucked her stepbrothers cock after he creampied in Aubreys cooch. The MILF is totally embarrassed, but Katie is turned on. She thinks it is hot that her stepmom and stepbrother like to fuck around. Aubrey takes control of the situation and commands Katie to suck her stepbrothers cock in front of her so that she can soak in all the taboo action. Katie obeys, getting on her knees to gag on her stepbrothers dick and share it with her stepmom. These babes really are cut from the same cloth. They both know how to please a big boner! A couple days later, Katie and Aubrey come home after being out in the hot sun all day. They are a little sweaty, but they want to get down and dirty with our stud again. Katie lays on top of her stepmom and spreads her pussy lips for her stepbrother to slide inside of her. He teases her twat and then switches to his horny stepmom to continue the orgiastic action. He cannot believe Aubrey and Katie are open to fucking him like this. It is like some shit he has seen on Pornhub! Lucky for him, this is reality, and he is enjoying every second of the scorching family fun.

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Lending Her Stepson Some Brain
candice dare

Bossy MILF Candice Dare does not like when her stepson sleeps in. Something about him lazing around in bed just grinds her gears. Especially when he has to go to school! Today, her stepson is trying to take it easy when she comes into his room to disturb his peace and quiet. But when she yanks the covers off of him, she finds that his cock is hard as a rock in his boxers! There is no way he is going to school with a full on erection, so she takes care of it the only way she knows how. She opens her mouth wide and gives her stepson a sensual, loving blowjob. Later, Candices stepson gets serious about hitting the books. He wants to make the grade, but he is having a hard time processing the information he is supposed to learn. He asks his hot blonde stepmom to help, but she does not seem to be able to figure it out either. On top of that, her nips are just about to slip right out of her top while she is looking over the textbook! How is her stepson supposed to study with a huge boner? So, Candice lends him a little brain… A couple days later, Candices stepson wants to see what his perv stepmom is up to. He sneaks into the bedroom and touches her ass, prompting a stern confrontation. He knows that his stepmom is having trouble with his dad, and he just wants to help. He can please her in a way that his dad just cannot. She realizes it is true, so she bends over and lets her stepson give her a gigantic meat injection. He strokes inside her wet pussy and drops a huge load inside, giving the hot MILF a dripping creampie. What a mess!

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Stepmoms Bio Lesson
dee williams

Big titted MILF Dee Williams wants her stepson to be a brainiac. So, when he comes home from school complaining about having a bad day, she is upset that he is not getting the most out of his education. She hopes to turn his attitude around by having him teach her at least one cool thing he learned today. He makes up a fun fact, that MILF breasts grow when their stepsons reach a certain point of sexual maturity, and Dee just eats it right up! She whips out her growing boobs and slides his thick cock between them for a hot titty fuck. Later, Dee is taking a shower when her stepson stumbles in to find her caressing her body sensually. He cannot help but notice how sexually she seemed to be touching herself, and it gets his schlong hard as a rock almost immediately. She reveals it is because she has been thinking about him ever since they fooled around the other day. The gregarious MILF babe invites her stepson to join her in the shower. She will not tell his dad if they have some more fun. Lucky for him, her idea of fun is sucking his veiny dick and then bending over so he can plow her doggystyle! A few days later, Dee is doing yoga in the living room when her stepson sees how round and perfect her ass looks through her stretchy pants. She asks him for some help in getting loose, and he is more than happy to oblige. Just a few fingertips on his stepmom has her pussy dripping wet and ready. Finally, the horny MILF babes asks her stepson to fill her muff up with dick while his dad is out of the house. This guy is living a full on pervmom dream!

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Undressed To Impress
amber chase

Busty MILF Amber Chase thinks she knows it all. She considers herself quite the fashionista, so when she sees her stepson getting all put together for his date, she warns him that his outfit is a no go. Amber is not trying to be mean, she only wants to help! She decides to lend a hand by giving him some wardrobe advice. But as he gets changed, his thick cock pops out of his pants! Amber is worried that his date will be too distracted by his boner to notice just how good he looks in his outfit. So, she takes the bull by the horns. She sucks and slobbers on her stepsons cock until she has drained all the cum from his balls. A couple days later, Ambers stepson is totally distraught. His girlfriend broke up with him, and he cannot believe it. He thinks the whole situation is trash, and he will never be able to get over it. Amber is concerned, so she offers to help him in any way he sees fit. He thinks that the best way to get back at his ex is to piss her off by fucking the shit out of his super hot stepmom! Later, Amber is resting when her stepson comes into the room with a stiff dick. She opens her eyes and sees his massive morning wood and is impressed by all the meat he is packing. She immediately sticks his dong in her mouth and gets it all wet with her tongue. Then, she pops her sweet stepmom pussy and lets him plow her from every angle he can think of. This perv stepmom loves to fuck like a pornstar, and her stepson is not complaining. How can you when theres a perfect set of big tits bouncing right in front of your face!

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Stepmom Pussy Or Bust
jennifer white

Raven-haired MILF hottie Jennifer White was supposed to be at a party today. But there is nothing that she likes more than sucking a hard cock. All the festivities have her thinking about her stepsons girthy dick back home, and she cannot wait to get her hands on it. Finally, she says enough is enough and heads back to her place to find her pervy stepson waiting for her. He is surprised that she is home so early, but as soon as he sees the look in her eye, he knows exactly what she wants. She sucks his veiny dick until he drops a huge load! Later, sexy Jennifer is sneaking around the house after a late night out. She has an appetite for dick, and her man will not get out of bed to please her. But Jennifer does not give up that easily. She sees her stepson lounging on the couch and makes her way over to play with his schlong. Soon, it is hard as a rock, and he is shocked to find his stepmom trying to seduce him. She has to do a little convincing with her perfectly round MILF ass, but once she does, he loves sliding his cock in and out of her tight MILF pussy! A couple days later, Jennifer gets a little jealous that her stepson is hooking up with girls at school. She knows that he loves watching hot videos of stepmoms getting fucked online, so she is confused why he needs anyone but her. The naughty stepmom takes her top off and lets her boy feast his eyes on her perfect titties. Then, she rides his meaty shaft and rubs her clit until she is ready to cum all over his rod. Looks like Jennifer has her stepson all to herself!

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Stepmom Hugs And Jugs
nina elle2

Super hot Nina Elle is a blonde MILF with an agenda. She gets into a fight with her husband, and her poor stepson is caught in the middle once again. Every time she fights with his dad, the old man leaves the house altogether, leaving Nina alone and horny. She wants someone to make her feel better, so she asks her stepson to cuddle up with her. He agrees to a little hug, but Ninas idea of physical affection is a lot more intense than he thought. She rubs his thick cock through his pants and gets him hard as a rock. But even though he is a little shocked, this stepson keeps perving on his stepmom! He lets her suck his dick and loves every second. Later, this big booty stepmom has not had enough. She approaches her boy in the kitchen and exposes her round titties to get his blood boiling nice and hot. The lucky guy knows that his dad will be back soon, so he decides to take advantage of the situation while he can. He bends the sexy MILF over and fucks her on the couch for the hottest doggystyle action of his life! A couple days later, Ninas stepson is not too happy about the lack of attention he has been getting from his hot stepmom. Ever since she and his dad have started getting along again, she does not seem to have time to pop her juicy pussy for him anymore. She assures him that all he needs to do is ask and she will be more than happy to hop on his hard cock any time. She takes her silk robe off and lets him plow her tight cunt as she moans orgasmically. Then, he fills her hungry MILF mouth up with some hot cum!

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Not Quite Aunty Ass
kennedy kressler and sovereign syre

When Sovereign Syre leaves her stepson alone with his not quite aunt, Kennedy Kressler, she does not realize that the guy is going to pop a boner! Kennedy catches him watching porn and she starts to get ideas of her own. She sucks her not quite nephews meaty prick! Later, Kennedy and her stepsister Sovereign are playing with each other when Sovereigns stepson stumbles in on the fun. He wants to join in, so they spread their legs wide for him to smash both of their tight MILF pussies. A couple days later, Kennedy and Sovereign make their way home and decide that they are going to rock this lucky guys world. They ride his thick cock while they both take turns cumming on his veiny rod. Quite a family affair!

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Operation Prank Stepmom
honey blossom

Operation prank stepmom is in full effect, and Honey Blossom is in for a huge surprise. In fact, her stepson scares her so much that she drops her towel right off of her sexy MILF body. But all Honey wants is to communicate with her boy. She uses her mouth perfectly to have an intimate conversation with her stepsons cock! Later, Honeys prankster stepmom jerks his cock and shoots a load of cum all over her shoulder. That does not bode well when he asks her for a ride to the mall. She offers to forgive him and give him a ride, if he lets her ride his cock first! The lucky guys slams his sweet stepmoms MILF pussy and shoots a huge load inside her!

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Quality Family Cooch Time
alina lopez and jennifer white

Jennifer White is a MILF who is always looking to learn. Today, she finds out about twerking, and asks her stepdaughter Alina Lopez to teach her a thing or two. But when Jennifers horny stepson stumbles in on the lesson, his cock gets rock hard. Only one way to solve that problem! Later, Jennifer notices that her stepson has a massive boner while she is walking around the house in nothing but a towel. She gets down on her knees and sucks his cock until her stepdaughter walks in on them and joins in on the action! A couple days later, Jennifers stepson threatens to tell his dad what they have been up to if she and his stepsister do not fuck around with him one more time. This threesome just got personal!

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Soccer Stepmama Drama
britney amber2

Britney Ambers stepson is one horny kid. He asks to hang out with her, but somehow ends up sticking his curious fingers in her wet cunt. They almost get caught by his dad, but luckily he scrambles away to safety! Later, he gets home from soccer practice and Britney is concerned that he hurt himself. To make sure his balls are not too swollen from earlier, she sucks his thick cock and takes his load! A couple days later, Britney is fed up with her husband. To get back at him, she takes her stepson in the bedroom and lets him fuck her silly! Then, she jerks his cock into her waiting mouth.

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Rekindling The MILF Cooch
kit mercer

Kit Mercer and her husband have lost the spark in the bedroom, and she just cannot handle it anymore. Luckily, her stepson has the remedy. He feels her up as her pussy gets wet in her yellow panties. Then, he fingers her juicy MILF pussy. Later, Kit comes out of her room and seduces her stepson while he is on the phone! She sucks his thick dick, covering it in her spit. A couple days later, Kits stepson sees her working out and gets a hard on right away. He rips her tights open and sticks his dick inside to take her for a wild ride. Looks like this kid has a story to tell at school tomorrow.

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Fucking Away The Stepmom Stress
ivy lebelle

When Ivy Lebelle is stressed out, it makes her stepson feel stressed out too. So today, he wants to help her decompress from her rough week any way he can. He helps her get her skirt off, and she quickly convinces him to slip his dick between her big lips. Later, Ivy comes home after a workout and invites her stepson to join her in the shower with her and fuck her tight pussy. A couple days later, Ivy opens her eyes to her stepson jerking off over her. She wants to finish where they left off the other day, so she stuffs his cock inside her MILF pussy and makes him nut quick!

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Four Hour Boner Patrol

When Lasirena69 spends time alone, she tends to get a little intimate with herself. She likes to run her finger tips over her silky skin and caress every crevice of her curvy MILF body. Today, her horny stepson stumbles in and offers to pamper her body for her. Before long, the Latina MILF is getting her pussy fingered and eaten by her stepson. Later, Lasirena69’s stepson reveals that he accidentally took a bunch of Viagra. The only way to get rid of that hard on is to fuck his hot stepmom. A couple days later, the banging MILFs stepson is moving out of the house. Lasiren69 fucks him one more time for old times sake and leaves him wanting more.

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Unclasp Her Stepmom Cooch
nicole aniston

Nicole Anistons beautiful blue eyes are enough to make any man fall to their knees, even her stepson. She asks him to help her unclasp a bra, and he is unsure what to do. He cannot hide his boner, but Nicole does not care. She wants him to fuck her twat, and he obliges! Later, Nicole is getting dressed and wants her stepsons opinion on her outfit. In the process she shows him some particularly private parts of her body. Then, she sucks his cock until he cums! A couple days later, Nicole is hanging out in her underwear when her stepson suggests they fuck before his dad gets home. She bends over and lets him slam her from behind, loving how full his cock makes her feel!

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Mothers Day Muff Dive
lauren phillips2

This Mothers Day, Lauren Phillips is getting taken care of by her loving stepson. He makes her breakfast in bed, and it gets Lauren hungry for some extra breakfast meat. She sticks his sausage in her mouth for a wet blowjob, using her luscious DSLs to do the trick. Later, Laurens stepson goes above and beyond by giving her a nicely wrapped Mothers Day gift. Lauren is so happy, she pops her MILF pussy and lets her stepson slide inside of her. A little while later, Lauren gets into a big fight with her man on Mothers Day! Her stepson consoles her by stuffing her muff full of hard cock. Lauren gasps as she gets the gift she wanted all along. Happy Mothers Day everyone!

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Not Just A Fuck Stick
sarah vandella2

Sarah Vandella is a blonde MILF with an appetite for young cock. Every time she sees her stepson walking around the house, she gets ideas. She will make up any excuse she can to get in his pants and play with his thick sausage. Today, she pretends to be mad that she caught her stepson creeping on her. Then, she drops the act and canoodles his cock into her mouth, getting it wet all the way down to the balls. Later, she pops her MILF pussy and lets her little guy slide right inside her muff for a sultry dick down. A couple days later, Sarah realizes she has a thing for her stepson and breaks out her cunt for him to stuff one more time. He is not just a fuck stick after all!

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The Beginning Of Stepmom Sinning
chanel preston

As she lies alone in bed, Chanel Preston starts to get a little horny. She pulls out her dildo and starts toying her pussy, but catches her horny stepson peeping on her from the end of the bed. She is shocked, but it definitely turns her on. Later, her stepson helps her with some stretching in the living room. The only problem is that he cannot keep himself from getting a raging boner. But Chanel does not care. The blowjob she gave him the other day was just the beginning of their sexual adventure. They make their way to the bedroom and she slides her wet cunt onto her stepsons cock to enjoy a loving fuck sesh. Bon voyage!

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Stepmom Sucks Better
veronica avluv

Veronica Avluv is so tired of her stepsons nasty attitude. She just does not want to keep having to tell the annoying brat to do his chores. So, she takes the tense rapport a step further. There is a reason his dad left his mom for her. It is all in the dicksucking, and she proves it as she slobbers all over her stepsons cock! Later, Veronica wants her stepsons opinion on some new lingerie she is trying out. Soon, he has a boner that just will not go away. Luckily, Veronicas tight pussy is the perfect solution to this bonerific problem. A couple days later, Veronica is stressed about all the fights she has been having with her husband. To relax, she makes her stepson fuck her twat and until they both cum.

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Stepmom Fertilizer
anissa kate

Anissa Kate is worried about her stepson. She can tell he does not have an easy time getting with girls. So she comes into his room and tries to expose him to some female anatomy. She whips out her tits and then slobbers on his cock for a loving blowjob. Later, Anissa wants to make a sexy video for her anniversary with our stud’s dad. If he agrees to shoot the video, he will have a special reward. He films her soaping up her sexy body and soon gets a raging hard on. The special reward follows as Anissa sucks his fat cock and slides it into her juicy pussy. A couple days later, Anissa is upset over the way her man is treating her. To make herself feel better, she takes her stepsons cock one more time until he shoots sperm inside her twat!

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Welcum Home, Stepmom
aaliyah love2

When Aaliyah Love stumbles home after a crazy night out, she is feeling a little too horny to call it a night just yet. Luckily, her stepson is there to greet her when she gets in. He puts her to bed, sliding his cock inside for some hot stepson stepmom action. Later, he walks in on Aaliyah touching herself on the couch. She knows he likes what he sees, so she seduces him into another round of hot fucking. A few days later, Aaliyah tells her horny stepson that his dad is going to be away for a few days. He takes the hint and stuffs her full of hard cock on the living room floor. These two are really developing a lovely rapport.

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Getting The Talk And Giving The Cock
ryan keely

When Ryan Keelys stepson accidentally walks in on her in the shower, he is horrified. What an embarrassing moment! But Ryan loves that he has finally seen her at her best. She decides it is time to give her stepson the talk. Of course, that leads to a little manual action as well! Later, she finds some porn on her stepsons computer and gets inspired to make her own video. He fucks her from behind on the kitchen counter! A couple days later, Ryan is all ready to go out on the town with her man, but the guy is too tired to go anywhere. She makes up for it by pulling out her gorgeous tits and fucking her stepson one more time. This MILF is one hell of a bombshell.

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Eye Cover Lover
richelle ryan

Richelle Ryan is super excited to try out her new eye covers. She asks her stepson to get her up in the morning as she does not want to miss her alarm. But when he sneaks into her room that night, he cannot resist having a bit of fun. He talks in a low voice and acts like his dad, slamming her eager twat hard. Later, Richelle discovers that it was her stepson who fucked her so well. She is a little pissed, but definitely turned on. Her pussy drips as she sucks her stepsons thick cock. A couple days later, she is on the phone with her husband when her stepson comes in sniffing for some more snatch. She plays with his peen while on the phone and then takes a hard dicking in her love tunnel. This chick has quite an appetite.

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Pussy Hammering Homework
savana styles

Savana Styles is a loving and caring stepmother who wants her stepson to be ready for the tough world ahead of him. So, when his girlfriend dumps him because he is not good enough, she wants to set his mind right. She pulls out his throbbing hot cock and gobbles it, shoving it down her throat for a messy blowjob. Later, Savana and her stepson get locked in the garage together and cannot think of anything better to do than fuck! He slips his prick in her pussy and thrusts hard, showing that he has learned a thing or two since the last time. A couple days later, Savana struts through the living room showing off her fat ass in a thong. Soon, her stepson is balls deep in her cunt, stroking from behind before busting a fat load on her tits!

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Nipple Manipulator
silvia saige2

Silvia Saige is a MILF who is about her money. So, when her step son tells her that it is his turn to use the credit card, she is certainly not ready to part with it. She decides to give him something else to focus on, touching his knee seductively before whipping out his cock and swirling her tongue around his hog head. Later, Silvia wants her step son to touch her tits in the bedroom. She opens her blouse revealing her perfect nipples and her pussy starts to drip. A couple days later, Silvia is finally ready to bust her bone pocket open for her step sons thick, veiny dick. She rides his schlong skillfully and then takes a steaming load of cum on her tongue. This MILF is a master manipulator.

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Steal My Keys, Get This D
sovereign syre

Sovereign Syre can be so crazy sometimes. She wants her stepson to stay at the house, but she communicates that in such roundabout, irrational ways. Like she steals his keys and makes him think he has a million chores to do. That is all kinds of fucked up. When he tells her he is going to his dads house because he gives him money to spend, she is not happy about it. He tells her if she wants him to stay, she is going to have to prove it. So she does, and boy she makes a convincing case! Now that Sovereign has finally gotten to play with her stepsons cock, she is being so nice to him. And her stepson is really starting to appreciate just how hot she is. She has this sexy red hair that makes his cock rise faster than mercury in a thermometer. He cannot help himself. He sneaks in to her room to see her resting with her ass hanging all the way out. She definitely is not upset. She plays with him in ways that make him feel like a real man. And he gives that sexual attention back to her, right in her mouth. Later on, Sovereigns stepson tells her he is going on a date, and all of a sudden it is back to square one. She is pissed. So, she tries to keep him at home, stealing his keys and hiding them like she is a little kid. Her stepson only puts up with it because he knows where this is going. She keeps bugging him until she rips his pants off and has his throbbing flesh sword in her mouth. She licks and slobbers better than any date ever could. And her MILF pussy is as close to heaven as he will ever get. Hallelujah!

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Titty Fucking Talent
brooke beretta

As Brooke Beretta rests on the couch, her pervy step son decides to cop a feel on her big, beautiful tits. Her eyes open in suprise, but she is not upset. She decides that she should teach her little guy how to please a woman since he is going to be dating soon after all. He slides his cock between her titties and fucks them! Later, Brookes boy tells her that he secretly boned his girlfriend. But as he describes the action, she is disappointed by what she hears. She wants to show him how real women fuck, so she takes him upstairs and spreads her legs for him to hammer her tight twat. Then she wraps her gorgeous tits around his shaft again and makes him cum all over her chest. Now he knows what a real titty fuck is like!

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A Lesson In Lust
christy love

Christy Love is killing her stepsons vibe. She is going to through all the stuff he uses to clean himself up after he masturbates. But when he tells her what he uses that stuff for, she wants to help him figure out some other ways to experience pleasure. She tells him he needs some nurturing, and then leads him to his room. Then she tells him to close his eyes, and when he opens them, she has her top off! If this is what she means by nurturing, he can definitely get used to it! Later on, Christys stepson tells her about some of the problems he has been having with his friends. They make fun of him because he has been having a hard time getting girls. He asks her if he can film them fooling around a little so he can show his friends how much of a man he is. Luckily, Christy is the best stepmom ever! She leads him into her room and blows his cock on cam. A couple days later, Christys stepson walks into her room as she is laying out on the bed clearly exhausted. She has been so nice to him recently that he wants to pay her back. He offers to give her a massage, and she says she would love that. She takes off her shirt, and then he gets to work. But after a little bit of back rubbing, his cock gets stiff. He tell her how much he appreciates her lessons and that they have helped him get a girlfriend. She responds by taking his cock out and licking and sucking him into euphoria. Then he puts his fat dick into her from behind before she goes for a rodeo ride on his dong. The lessons never seem to end!

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Laid After The Panty Raid
courtney taylor

If Courtney Taylor leaves her dirty panties in the hamper too long, her pervy step son is likely to come into her room and sniff them. He even likes to use them to jerk off with! But today, he gets caught in the act. When your step mom is as hot as Courtney Taylor, how can you really blame him! Later, Courtneys step son reveals that he is trying to get a job so that he can shower his fat titted step mom in gifts. She encourages the notion by stripping off her clothes and riding his thick cock. A couple days later, Courtney is on the phone with her husband while she slobbers, sucks and fucks her step sons fat prick. What a dirty MILF!

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A Bad Case Of Blue Balls
london river

"Even though she has not been his stepmom for long, London Rivers has been making a huge effort to get closer to her stepson. Today, she is bringing it to another level. She calls him into the bathroom to help her reach some spots that she cannot shave herself. Namely, the area around her pussy and ass. Since she is so hot, he cannot help but get a huge boner as he shaves around her nether regions. When she notices, she decides to give him a nurturing, stepmotherly blowjob. The next day, London is hanging out in the kitchen when her stepson comes inside to talk to her about what went down between them. She wants to take a rest, so they head back into the living room where she lays her head down right next to his dick. It is not long before he is rock hard again, and she is taking his shaft between her lips. A little later on, he has a raging case of blue balls that needs to be taken care of. He goes into his stepmoms room and rouses her from her rest so she can finish the job that was started earlier. He plunges his dick inside her pussy and pummels her until she is panting and moaning. She lays on her back and spreads her legs out in the air to take his dick from the side, and then lets him cum all over her face. She calls him the worlds best stepson, but she is the real MVP! "

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Breakfast And Head
eva long

Eva Long is a playful MILF, but even she has her limits. So, when her step son starts pulling down her clothes while she is making breakfast, she gets a little annoyed. Maybe if she sucks him off, he will leave her alone! Later, he comes into the bathroom while she is taking a shower, and she asks him for a towel. He tells her they should have some fun since his dad is gone for the day and she is already naked anyway. She is horny, so she turns around and gets her pussy pounded. Later, Eva is pissed that her man has been acting like a jerk all night. She did not get any dick because she did not want any of his, but now she is hungry for cock. Lucky her step son is there to satiate her needs!

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Chores For My Stepmom, The Whore
janna hicks

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So Fine With No Tan Lines
britney amber

Britney Amber needs help with a very special task today, and boy is her stepson happy to be of assistance. She wants him to put lotion on her back so she gets an even tan. Before he starts rubbing her down, she takes her top off so she will not get any tanlines. Holy moly, her tits are huge and sexy! Her stepson can barely contain himself. Maybe she will like his own bottle of special lotion. Later on, Britney is so happy that her stepson did a good job of keeping her from getting any tanlines that she shows up in his room naked. He tells her she looks like a total MILF. She says that means he must want to fuck her. So, she indulges his wildest fantasies and climbs up on his cock. A couple days later, Britney and her stepson try to be a little more discreet since they almost got caught by his dad last time. He meets her in her room for a secret fuck sesh. She looks so damned sexy in her red lingerie that he is ready to explode as she models for him. That gets him harder than Abe Lincolns face on Mount Rushmore, and pretty soon he is flat on his back in bed with her riding him again. She thinks he has been such a good boy that she does not even mind when he cums right in her pussy. What will his dad think?!

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Masturbation Sensations
jasmine jae2

Jasmine Jae cannot seem to keep her big, perfect tits in her robe. Her horny step son sees them flopping out and it ignites a fire inside him right away. He confesses that he has always been in love with her, and that she is way more attractive than any girl his age. Then, he whips his cock out, and Jasmine cannot help but suck the passionate young man into euphoria. Later, he finds out that his dad forgot to get his step mom a gift for their anniversary. He runs out and gets her come sexy lingerie to try on. She is a little surprised by how turned on she is, but then gives in and fucks her pervy step son just the way he likes. A couple days later, he hears Jasmine masturbating in her room. He sneaks in and slides his fingers into her pussy, and she could not be happier. She turns and around and sucks his cock before getting her pussy penetrated. What a loving step mom!

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Panty Sniffing Squad
trinity st clair

Trinity St. Claires stepson knows sniffing panties is a thing people like to do, but sniffing your stepmoms panties is a whole different ball game. So, when she catches him jerking himself off into her panties, Trinity is super pissed. Luckily, she is a very understanding woman. She sits down on her bed and tells him she wants to help him correct his behavior. She wants to work out a deal. She will not tell his dad if he gives her his semen. So, she sucks his cock and then slides his pervy peen inside her chacha. Later on, Trinity wants to finish what they started. Last time, they got interrupted by her stepsons dad coming home. So this time, she goes into his room and climbs on his bed. She assures him he will not get into trouble as she sucks his fire stick. Then she rides him like a skilled equestrian. The next day, Trinity is in a totally different mood. She reveals to her stepson that she got what she needed. She is pregnant! She has his dads baby in her. But he wants one more go around with his crazy, sexy stepmom. So, she strips down on the couch and lets him enter her from her blind spot. He fucks her from behind before flipping her over and providing a huge meat injection. What a load!

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Sexually Inventive Incentives
lexi luna

Lexi Luna wants her step son to be well fed and ready for school, so she gets up extra early to make him some eggs. The only problem is that by the time she is done, her clothes usually stink! To remedy the situation, she decides to make breakfast in her underwear. But as soon as her step son sees his big titted, sexy step mom in her underwear, he is way too distracted to make it to class. He whips his cock out and starts jerking it right in the kitchen, so Lexi agrees to help him out so he can clear his mind. She sucks his cock, giving him the perfect jumpstart for the day. Later, he cannot focus on his chemistry homework. So, Lexi comes by and gives him an incentive to study. She rides his cock to make sure that he does his best. Later on, our stud comes home after having gotten an F on his test. But he turns it into an A and reaps the reward of his step moms juicy pussy. At least he is resourceful!

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Just Ask For The Ass
texas patti

Texas Patti is so upset with her husband, she simply cannot contain herself. She cries so hard that her stepson hears her from all the way across the house. When he asks her what is wrong, she reveals that his father has been cheating on her with another woman. To make her feel better, he lets her play with his swollen mushroom tip. Later, Texas tempts her stepson in the kitchen, getting his juices flowing with her skimpy outfit and provocative curves. Finally, she brings up the elephant in the room. If he wants to fuck, he just needs to ask! A couple days later, Texas goes out to party in a sexy black dress. When she comes home, she wants to have some fun! She pulls her boy into bed with her and bangs his brains out. What could be more fun than that?

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Stepmom Sends Me Sexy Selfies
natasha starr

Sometimes Natasha Starr can get nosy. Her stepson likes to look at porn on his phone, so she takes it and checks out all the filthy fantasies he has been scrolling through. Luckily, she doesnt care that hes looking at porn. She just wants to know if he thinks shes a MILF. She pulls up her skirt and lets him feel the back of her throat with his hard cock. Later on, Natasha sends her stepson some photos of her showing off her giant cans. She tells him that she wants him to please her right now. You know what dad would say. Listen to your stepmom! So he does his stepson duty and bones her while she spreads her legs open in the bathroom. A couple days later, Natasha walks into our studs room with a bottle of oil ready to go. She starts rubbing him down, and soon he gets so slippery that he slips right into her juicy, mature pussy. He fucks her on her back until shes ready to taste him. Then, he blows a load in her mouth, and Natasha is satisfied. This is one obedient stepson!

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Business Bitch Bonage
jenna jones

Traveling is supposed to be fun, but Jenna Jones stepson has nothing to do in their hotel room. Jenna wants to rest before her big meeting, but he is so bored he cannot keep his eyes closed. She gets out of bed and he sees her perfect ass in her little black thong and gets an idea of how he can amuse himself. So, before she leaves the room for her business meeting, he gets her to suck his cock. A couple days later, he is laying in bed when Jenna gets up and starts to get ready for work. He pretends like he is still resting so he can watch her get dressed. When she is done, he gets up and she tells him she has a big business meeting and her nerves are all in a bunch. He tells her he knows how he can help her relax. Then, he gives her the most relaxing dick down of the century. The next day, he comes back to the hotel room and sees Jenna lying on the bed in a sexy dress. She tells him she just came from dinner with a client and could not stop thinking about him. He is excited as she dims the lights and gets herself ready for another amazing fuck sesh. Then, she tells him he fucks her better than his dad ever does. So, he climbs on the bed and fucks her with everything he has until he busts his load all over her!

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Cock On The Rocks
barbie sins

Barbie Sins is a slutty stepmom who is looking for some dick out on the town. But when she gets back, she still has not gotten her fill. She wraps her fingers around her stepsons thick prick and runs her lips up and down the tip of his cock. Later on, Barbies stepson is getting ready to go to his girlfriends house when she stops him from walking out the door. She pulls down her panties and proves that his girlfriend cannot give him what she can. A super tight MILF pussy! He pounds her pussy until she is in a complete orgasmic frenzy. Her eyes roll back before he busts a fat load all over her face. Barbie never looked so good!

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Asian Stepmom Loves Son Long Time
lucky starr

Lucky Starr is the sexy but wholesome cougar with a heart of gold. She loves to spend time with her stepson, Logan, but wish he would ditch his loser girlfriend. She clearly does not know how to giver her boy what he really wants, but mommy knows. She gives Logan a good, deep thigh massage and her hands quickly find their way straight to his cock. When she whips it out, she cannot believe her eyes. Logan is huge! She fits as much of his cock into her mouth as she can, and then climbs up on top of him, taking his cock deep into her cunt. For a moment, Lucky seems happy that she did not give birth to him just so she could experience his cock inside her right now. His girlfriend does not stand a chance.

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Does This Make My Ass Look Big?
angelina diamanti

Angelina Diamanti wants to make sure her new jeans make her body look good, so she asks her stepson to do a little ass inspection for her. She does a spin, but cannot stop there. She pulls down her pants to show him her cheetah underwear, and the sparks immediately start to fly. Soon, he is eating her tight pussy! Later, Angelinas stepson is fixing the sink when he looks up and sees she is not wearing any panties. Her snatch looks so juicy and ready to fuck that he has to stand up and deliver. She sucks his cock in the kitchen until he busts a fat load! A couple days later, Angelina calls her boy into the room while his dad is in the shower. He whips his thick cock out and fucks her before they hear the water stop running in the bathroom. A sexy secret between stepmother and stepson!

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My Stepmom The Fitness Freak
melissa lynn

Melissa Lynn works out nonstop. Every now and then she can use some help. This time she asks her stepson to help with her legs and thighs. And since her thighs are pretty close to her pussy, you cant really blame him for letting his hands wander. A couple of days later, Melissa asks her stepson if his dad is home. Then, she asks him to follow her to her room and help her take her shirt off. He cant help but rub his face in those tits. And it doesnt hurt that she can suck a mean dick. Later on, Melissa cant believe her stepson forgot that it was her birthday. All that head mustve scrambled his brain. Good thing she thought of her own present. She lets him fuck her on her back, and cant stop telling him how much better he is than his dad. In the end, she gets just what she wants for her birthday, a nice steaming load from her stepson.

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Pranking My Pervy Stepmom
nina elle

Nina Elle is literally addicted to her phone. She cannot even take a shower without being on it. Since shes always distracted by it, her stepson decides hes going to prank her. He finds her mini vibrator pouch in her drawer and puts it in her panties. When she gets on a call, he uses the remote to control the orgasmic vibes on her pussy. She cant help but moan, but he did not realize she would get so horny! A couple days later, he walks into the room and Nina is on the phone again. This woman never learns! He walks over and puts his cock right on her shoulder. Shockingly, she wants to suck it, even while shes on the phone with a client. What a crazy bitch! Finally, Nina has had enough. Her stepson has been pranking her all week, so it makes sense that she has gotten tired of it. She wants to prank him back. She goes into his room while hes resting, pulls of all his comforters, and then starts filming his soft cock! Then she starts sucking it, and he shows her that his cock works just fine. This stepmom, stepson relationship has never been better!

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Steal My Keys, Get This D
sovereign syre

Sovereign Syre can be so crazy sometimes. She wants her stepson to stay at the house, but she communicates that in such roundabout, irrational ways. Like she steals his keys and makes him think he has a million chores to do. That is all kinds of fucked up. When he tells her he is going to his dads house because he gives him money to spend, she is not happy about it. He tells her if she wants him to stay, she is going to have to prove it. So she does, and boy she makes a convincing case! Now that Sovereign has finally gotten to play with her stepsons cock, she is being so nice to him. And her stepson is really starting to appreciate just how hot she is. She has this sexy red hair that makes his cock rise faster than mercury in a thermometer. He cannot help himself. He sneaks in to her room to see her resting with her ass hanging all the way out. She definitely is not upset. She plays with him in ways that make him feel like a real man. And he gives that sexual attention back to her, right in her mouth. Later on, Sovereigns stepson tells her he is going on a date, and all of a sudden it is back to square one. She is pissed. So, she tries to keep him at home, stealing his keys and hiding them like she is a little kid. Her stepson only puts up with it because he knows where this is going. She keeps bugging him until she rips his pants off and has his throbbing flesh sword in her mouth. She licks and slobbers better than any date ever could. And her MILF pussy is as close to heaven as he will ever get. Hallelujah!

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Hip On The Dick Tip
reagan foxx

Technology moves fast these days, so you have to give Reagan Foxx credit for trying to keep up with the times. But when she creates an online profile, she finds that no one is accepting her friend requests. To prove she is a cool mom, she sucks off her pervy stepson with her MILF DSLs. Later on, Reagan is still trying to stay hip. She is trying to flip a water bottle so it lands upright, but cannot get the hang of it. She continues to practice as her stepson plows her pussy from behind! A couple days later, Reagan thinks she has figured out a way to go viral. She hides behinds a blanket and then lets it drop, only to reveal that her fat MILF ass is hanging out for the world to see. Her stepson is super turned on by his smoking hot stepmom, so he hammers her snatch with his rock hard cock. Throw that up on the Gram!

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My Attention Starved Stepmom
jasmine jae

When Jasmine Jaes stepson opens the refrigerator expecting to find a sandwich, he finds a huge sex toy instead! Obviously it belongs to his horny stepmom, so he bring sit to her to find out why she decided to leave it in the refrigerator. She tells him that she just wanted to have some solo time, and the toy was perfect for it. But now that solo time is over, she wants to play with his special toy instead. Later on, Jasmines stepson cannot find his keys anywhere. He asks Jasmine if she saw them, but he is majorly distracted by her huge, exposed headlights. She tells him that his dad has not been giving her hooters any attention, so she wants him to fill in. He is happy to give her a hand, and a cock! A couple days later, Jasmines stepson is resting when he open his eyes to find her looming over him. He cannot deny this is a pleasant surprise. So, he bends her over and put his throbbing dick inside of her. Her MILF pussy makes him want to cum harder than ever before!

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Crime And Pussy Punishment
kenzie taylor

Kenzie Taylor is barely wearing anything while she is doing laundry, and it is really turning her stepson on. But when she finds the sextoy he took out of some girls locker at school, he is super embarrassed. She tells him she is going to throw it in the trash, but later on, he finds her using it on herself in the living room. Little does she know, he has a remote control for this vibrating contraption! Later on, Kenzie gets herself caught shoplifting at the mall, and her stepson has to go pick her up. When they get home, she begs him not to tell his dad. But to keep his mouth shut, she is going to have to get down on her knees and please him while wearing handcuffs. A couple days later, Kenzies stepson is making the bed when she comes in wearing an incredibly hot, see through lace lingerie piece. This time, she seems to really be in the mood, because she is all over him. She tells him she wants to give him what he really wants while his dad is gone. Well, what he really wants is her hot, MILF pussy wrapped around his cock. Looks like she can arrange for that!

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Laundry Day Lust
sheena ryder

When Sheen Ryders stepson asks her for help getting his tie on for his big date, she immediately turns on the step motherly concern. She does not want her handsome young man getting any girls pregnant, so before he leaves, she jerks his cock and lets him titty fuck her to squeeze all his cum out. Later, Sheenas stepson is totally embarrassed because he blew his load in two minutes on his hot date. Sheena wants to make him feel like a man, so she teaches him how to properly fuck a wet pussy. First step, doggystyle! A couple days later, Sheenas stepson finds a trail of clothes leading to the laundry room. He follows it to see that Sheena is bouncing up and down on the laundry machine, dripping through her panties. He takes out his hard cock and pounds her good before his dad gets home. Who knew laundry day could be so fun?

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Nostalgia Makes Her Horny
nina kayy

Nina Kayy is getting nostalgic. Shes hanging out in bed in her heels, looking at photo albums of her stepson when he was young, and feeling some type of way. But the nostalgia quickly becomes horniness as she asks her stepson to lick her pussy. She loves it when he pulls up her skirt and runs his tongue up and down her lips. Nina also loves movie nights with her stepson, but they always seem to go down the same way. They start watching a movie, and then she closes her eyes to rest. This time, her stepson sticks his cock in her mouth. Nina is surprised at first, but then dives head first into sucking her stepsons long shlong. A couple days later, Nina wants to bring her stepson a present. What he doesnt realize is that the present is a strip tease and a poleride. She sucks his cock before putting it between her tits. Then she turns around and sits on his cock, taking it all the way down. She is so excited when he busts a nut inside her. How about that for a gift? Sure beats a sweater!

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Boy Toy Boning
carmen valentina and kiara cole

Kiara Cole walks into her house today, and something is up. Her stepmom, Carmen Valentina, is in the middle of the room fucking some young guy! She has his cock balls deep in her pussy, and is moaning like a wild woman. Then she sucks his dick, and Kiara is shocked at how good she is at it. The next time the boy toy shows up, Kiara answers the door. She tells him he has some explaining to do, and he lets her know that her dad gave permission to her stepmom to have a boy toy. At first, Kiara does not believe it, but when the guy pulls down his pants and shows her his gigantic dick, her concerns fly out the window. A couple days later, Kiara can see her stepmom and her boytoy fooling around again, but she tries to ignore it. But when they put a sign on the window that asks if she want to join them, she cannot just pretend she does not see it. She makes her way inside to share the fat cock with her stepmom. What a way to come together!

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Say Yes To Undress
helena price

Helena Prices stepson is all dressed up and ready to go to his dads big corporate dinner with her, but when she comes out in her incredibly beautiful dress, he just cannot keep his eyes or hands off of her. Somehow, he ends up with his hands on her tits, slowly peeling the top of her dress off. She is a little confused at first, but then she starts grabbing for his cock. Later, Helena hears him talking to his girlfriend on the phone about how they never have sex. She tells him maybe it is for the best. Besides, she says, they can explore his sexual fantasies together. A week later, Helenas stepson can barely look at her in the eye. She approaches him and asks what is wrong, and he tells her about the feelings he has been having. Girls his age just do not compete with her. Her incredible MILF body and sexy personality make him want to explode in desire. She consoles him by taking his cock out and sticking it deep inside of her for some passionate sex. Looks like he is feeling better already!

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Flogging The Dolphin
brooklyn chase

Brooklyn Chase can be pretty nosy sometimes. Her stepson wants to hang out at home and play videogames, but she comes in and starts a ruckus. She asks him how often he masturbates. She says his penis is like a muscle, and then jerks him off so that he can keep fit! Later Brooklyn asks if she can work out in front of her stepson. He watches her fat tits and sexy ass gyrate while she is doing her ball exercise. Then she does some sit ups and he imagines what it would be like if she was sitting up to suck his cock. Luckily, he does not have to imagine for long! A couple days later, Brooklyn is all dressed up to go to an event with her stepson. But when he is not ready, she is pissed. She asks if he has flogged the dolphin yet, and he tells her he has not gotten the chance to. So, she pulls her panties to the side so he can ram her with his fat cock. Damn, this stepmom is one horny bitch!

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My Wet Hot India Summer
india summer

India Summer is a sexy milf with a beautiful smile. When her stepson comes over for lunch, she decides to fire up the grill and stuff his face with hot dogs. When her bikini and apron start to turn him on, India notices his cock swelling under his shorts. She unleashes it and decides she is in the mood for a hot dog after all, hungrily gobbling his cock. Afterwards, she goes to take a shower and call her stepson. When he walks into the bathroom, he finds her standing naked under the hot water, asking him to wash her backside. Like a good son, he does what he is told, washing her beautiful ass one cheek at a time. She then calls him to her room, where she is sprawled out on her massage table. She takes his fingers into her mouth, sucking each one and getting them nice and wet, before guiding her stepsons hand down to her moist pussy. He penetrates her with two fingers, then four, before fucking her hole with his entire fist and making her cum. She rewards her stepson by spreading his thighs apart and licking his asshole. That turns him on so much, he busts his load all over face. Hopefully her ex husband will never find out. But if he does...fuck it, who cares India is ready to pounce like a cougar in the Serengeti.

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Cougars Secret Crush
rachael cavalli

Rachael Cavalli is a sexy cougar with a secret crush on her neighbors son. When her husband helps him get a summer job, he comes over to express his gratitude. Mrs. Cavalli is happy they could help, and she lures him up to the roofdeck to move some furniture around. Her husband is at work, so she wastes no time sucking his cock. The next day, he comes back by to visit and catches Mrs. Cavalli looking super fine, all dressed up and ready to go out. She seduces him and takes him back to her bedroom, stuffing his big cock inside her greedily. He must have done too good a job, because shortly after that encounter, she discovers that she is pregnant! Although this seems like a biblical miracle at first, it is clear that her young stud of a neighbor seems less than thrilled by the good news.

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Lustful Household Fantasies
christiana cinn

Christiana Cinn is a sultry and seductive vixen with a mouth like a vacuum cleaner attachment. One day, she walked into the living room and found her stepson there watching TV. She had just come home feeling crazy from hanging out with her trashy girlfriends, no doubt acting like a pack of sluts on the prowl. She started complaining to him about the guys at the bar and how none of them were hitting on her. She says that she loves the attention, because it makes her feel special. So he decided to give her some attention and make her feel pretty special. She started grinding up on his cock and he whips it out, allowing her to climb on top of him the way she has had always fantasized. A week later, Christiana slipped into his bedroom and confronted him about avoiding her. He explains that it is just because he wants her so bad, he does not know how to behave around her. Her stepmom instincts springing into action, Christiana does what she does best, sucks his cock and makes him bang her harder than a drum. The next night, neither of them could sleep, too preoccupied by lustful thoughts and fantasies. That night, Christiana snuck into her stepsons bedroom and laid in bed with him. She inconspicuously starts to rub that sweet ass of hers against his groin. He responds by whipping out his cock, and from there they lose all sense of control. Goddamn can that woman suck some dick. He fucks her hard and makes her beg for every inch before feeding her his thick, creamy seed.

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Mischievous Cougar Need A Nerd
tara ashley

Tara Ashley is a hot cougar with a mischievous streak. While her husband is out of town, she fires up her dating profile and hunts her prey. She finds a shy nerd on there and decides to have some fun, teasing him about getting cock sucked. Hes nervous but his dick is hard and she knows what to do with it, getting on her knees and sucking him off. The next day, he comes around looking to repay the favor and eating her pussy out. On the third day, she decides to take his virginity, riding his cock in her living room. He cums all over her face and she kicks him out before her husband gets home and catches her.

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Graduating Cum Laude
summer hart

Summer Harts stepson is getting ready to go off to college, but first he has to make sure he gets accepted to one! In the meantime, he wants to comfort her. With him going off to college, she will probably be all alone. But when he looks in the trash, he finds his college acceptance letter buried amongst the debris. Looks like Summer wants him to stay home more than he thought. She is even willing to slobber on his hard cock to make it happen! Later on, Summers stepson is looking at apartments online because he is still planning to go off to college. His education is too important to his future to give up for a blowjob here and there. That is when Summer steps in again. She shows up and spreads her legs, and makes him want to bone her again. He does not complain when she whips his dick out and starts rubbing and tugging. A few days later, Summers stepson is still feeling a little bummed because everyone he knows is away at college. Looks like his stepmom has more control over him than he thought. When he sees her at the pool, she asks him to rub her down with some lotion. Then, she takes her bikini off and lets him fill her up with his long pool noodle. I guess this is what they mean by graduating cum laude!

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The Sloppy Headmistress
crystal rush

Crystal Rush really annoys her stepson sometimes. All he wants to do is watch the game, but she has to go into the TV room and spoil his fun. She promised his dad she would homeschool him, but she is definitely not a teacher. She is teaching him stuff about anatomy on paper, but everyone knows that anatomy is better taught in person. So, she shows him her tits so he has a good idea of what they feel like in person. Later on, Crystal is still on his case. He is trying to rest, but she comes in wearing a tight sports bra that is squishing her tits tightly against her body. She takes him out on the balcony to do some physical education. He watches her do some squats, and after a while, he needs to know what her toned ass feels like. She bends down and whips his cock out to help his muscles relax, and then he finally gets to feel her body a little more intimately. A couple days later, Crystal is still trying to teach her stepson. This time she wants to show him how to cook. She has a full bag of flour ready to use, but when she spills some on the floor, she takes her shirt off to clean it up. This exposes her incredible tits, and just like that, her stepsons dick is rising like a souffle in an oven. He pounds her doe with his long rolling pin, and then laminates her face with his creamy, white glaze. There is just one question left to ask. Is this going to show up on finals?

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Stepmoms Secret Sauce
sofie marie

Sofie Marie is a fit stepmom with a firm body and a friendly smile. Shes the cool stepmom, the ultimate homemaker...or at least thats what shes trying to be. Shes never been great at cooking and cleaning but shes trying hard to impress her husband, and her stepson. While cooking pasta, Sofie Marie gets tomato sauce all over her dress and slips out of it to throw it in the wash. Her stepson gets an eyeful as she stands at the kitchen sink in her bra and panties. When mom comes home from a girls night out, shes feeling a little frisky. It doesnt take her long to get down on her knees, sucking her stepsons hard cock on the bathroom floor. He fucks her all over the bathroom, glad his dad is out of town. The next morning, his stepmom wakes up hungry for more cock. She slips into her stepsons bedroom and mounts him, grinding her cougar pussy against his morning wood, until he succumbs and fucks the living daylight outta his stepmom. He hopes his dad never comes home.

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Stepmoms Perverted Spy Kid
makayla cox

Makayla Cox is the kind of stepmom every guys dreams of. Shes so hot. Her stepson cant stop spying on her but shes getting a kick out of it. One afternoon while shes trying on some lingerie, she calls him out on his spying and decides to do something about it. Namely, she strips out of her lacy bra and panties and gets down on her knees, gobbling up his cock. She tell him that he takes after his father and as she takes his hard cock into her warm mouth, he thinks that was a little more than he needed to know about how his cock measures up against his fathers. Those thoughts melt away as she rubs his dick against her big tits. The next day, Makayla finds her stepson on the sofa, not doing much of anything. It doesnt take much for her to ditch whatever plans she had to go out and stay home, feeling up her stepson and getting her pussy stuffed on the couch. The next morning, Makayla suddenly expressed her religious beliefs. This was news to her stepson, but he quickly figured out his response. If stepmom wants to talk about sin, she’s gonna get her bible THUMPED. Why rest when you can spend the Sabbath blowing loads on your hot stepmom?

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Stepmoms Sexual Standards
ariella ferrera

Ariella Ferrera is a bitchy stepmom who only wants the best for her stepson. He has been seeming more and more useless lately so she decided to give him a crash course in becoming a man. First she tried to teach him how to cook breakfast, but her tits kept popping out. Breakfast was taking way too long and they were both getting nonstop horny. It was not long before Ariella decided to suck on stepsons wang and swallow his creamy egg whites as an early morning snack. The next day Ariella called her stepson into the laundry room where she accused him of having dirty underwear. She removed them, threw them in the wash, and added her moist knickers too. The laundry load was ready and stepsons white creamy load was about to be too. She slowly jerked him off and rubbed the tip of his cock on her pussy. He was soon deep inside her and making her feel young again. The next day stepson was showing Ariella that he was trying to live up to her standards by going for a job interview. She was so proud of him! She gave him a big kiss and then sent him on his way. He ended up not getting the job, but stepmom still believed in him. She gave him some motivation by letting him plow her mature cunt and even let him cum on her face. Better luck next time young man!

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Welcome Wagon, Stepmom Shaggin’
syren de mer

Getting home from college, our stud thought there would be a huge welcome party waiting for him. But when he gets through the front door, nobody seems to have even noticed he was gone in the first place. He walks through the house and passes by his stepmom, Syren De Mers, bedroom and see that she is tied to the bedposts and blindfolded! Syren starts talking to him like he is his dad. He quickly decides he is not going to blow this opportunity. She is! Later on, Syren is pretty pissed off because she found out it was her stepsons dick she was sucking, not her husbands. But even though she is mad, our stud can tell she liked what they did. Now she tells him he owes her. She says she has not had her pussy eaten in years, and he is more than happy to help her out with that problem. She sits on his face and cums all over him multiple times! That night, he stays ready because Syren told him he still owes her. Sure enough, she shows up at his door in a sexy nightgown. She says she hates sleeping alone when his dad is out of town, but they both know why she is really there. She backs her booty up on him while he holds her, and as soon as she starts wiggling her ass into him, he gets a rock hard boner. This time our stud fucks her from every position possible before unloading his swimmers into her mouth. What an amazing day for this lucky stepson!

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Snapchat My Snatch
sarah vandella

Sarah Vandella is clueless when it comes to social media, but that is okay because she can always ask her stepson for help. But when he leaves, she goes a little crazy on the sexting. Sarah snaps a bunch of sexy pics of herself with those perky tits all over the place. Later on, her stepson sees her phone laying out and just has to check it out. He sees some of those sexy vids he knew she was taking, but did not expect to find one of her masturbating! It turns him on so much he has to touch himself. But while he is jerking it, his step mom walks in asks if he has seen her cell phone. She catches him, but luckily, she likes the attention he has been giving her and shows him a little attention in return. She sucks his cock and then rides him until he cums deep inside of her. A couple days later, Sarah is at it again. Now she is taking selfies with her robe open and her tits popping out. She says she needs her stepson now before his dad gets home, and he is on it like white on rice. He runs, literally SPRINTS, to her room and jumps on the bed. She is so happy to see him, she does not even notice the desperation in his eyes as he ravishes her luscious body. He fucks his stepmom in so many positions, he is not even sure where he ends and she begins anymore. If only life could always be like this!

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Aged Milf Stepmom Seduces Her Son During Chores
olivia blu

Olivia Blu is a skinny stepmom who can not stop thinking about jumping the bones of her teen stepson. When her husband was not paying attention at the dinner table she rested her hand on stepsons lap then rammed her face on to his cock. The next day stepson was so appalled that he confronted Olivia while she was ironing his pants in her lingerie. There was no way she could take him seriously with that raging stiffy he had going. Instead of listening, she just got down on her knees and started to suck. She even swallowed his cum this time, and affirmed that his jizz tasted way better than his fathers. The next morning stepson was laughing at his resting father on the couch until Olivia came into the room to do some yoga. Before he knew it this pervy stepmom was flashing him and begging to get fucked doggystyle on the couch. Olivia got a hell of a ramming and ended up with a face full of cum. Just their luck dad had woken up to see the aftermath. Someone is either getting divorced or grounded!

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Risky Business With My Stepmom
lauren phillips

Lauren Phillips is such a hard worker. She is always breaking her back! So, her stepson wants to do something special for her. He wants to give her a little surprise for her to come home to. It is not much, but he cleans the house for her to take the load off her shoulders a little. When she notices, she is so happy. Little does she know, he has a bubble bath waiting for her too. He shows her to it, and now it is her turn to surprise him. She asks him to join her! But that is not the only surprise she has waiting for him! A couple days later, Lauren is back to work again. She is on a conference call and is all business. When her stepson come by and reminds her that she promised she would hang out with him, she tells him to buzz off! He cannot seem to get her attention, so he figures he should try something new. He whips out his cock and puts it on her shoulder and she cannot ignore him anymore. She starts licking and sucking while she is on the phone, and before long, her stepson is deep inside of her. Later on, Lauren makes a picnic for her stepson. She takes him out to the backyard and leads him out to a blanket on the lawn. She tells him she is sorry for working so hard and ignoring him. It is almost like a dream. But he is so happy that she is finally realizing that she should give him a little more attention. And he likes the way she gives it to him, too. Letting him spread sunscreen all over her and then letting him play with her hot tits. And the way she rides him is not bad either!

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I Need My Stepsons Swimmers!
lily lane

Lily Lane is in that part of her life where she can feel her biological clock ticking. Honestly, it kind of freaks her stepson out, but the lucky part for him is that she is on the prowl for anything that can get her preggers. His dad is shooting blanks, though, so her only hope is his fat cock. With great cock size comes great responsibility, and that responsibility is for this stepson to fuck his stepmom in the bathroom and cum inside her cougar pussy. After he busts, his stepmom tells him that whenever he can go again, he should just let her know. She needs his little swimmers to do their job and deliver her a baby. So, when he passes by while she is doing laundry later, he tells her his dick is ready to rock. She gets ready in a second and slides his big baby maker inside her. She really wants his juice! Later on, Lily is on her stepsons ass again! Can you believe this woman? He already came twice today, and she expects his meaty cock to rise again. But like any responsible stepmom, she puts the work in. She shows him her sexy ass, wiggling it and shaking it for him like she has been taking lessons at the strip club. Well, that is enough for him because before long he is ready to go! This stepson loves eating his stepmoms ass and fucking her from behind. I wonder if he is this enthusiastic about the rest of his chores!

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The Latina Stepmom Seductress
cassandra cain

Cassandra Cain is a traditional latina stepmom who loves to dance while she does her chores. Stepson caught her booty shaking as she vacuumed, and Cassandra caught him staring. She insisted that she teach him how to dance, it would be vital for him to know when he starts interacting with girls. Cassandra began to grind on her stepson, and just before they could do anything else her husband got home and this wonderful experience had to get cut short. The next day when Cassandra was cleaning her stepsons room she came across a used condom. She was upset because if there was any girl that would getting fucked in their house it would have to be her! Her mouth was soon on her stepsons cock, then his cock made its way into her pussy. Cassandra was sucking his cum out and made sure he was fully aware of the new house rules. A few nights later Cassandra came home craving her stepsons cock. It was so much bigger than her husbands and she needed it now! Stepson took that as his cue to rail her out like he never has before. He pulled out right before he was ready to cum and blessed her ass with a huge load of stepjizz.

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Satisfied By My Stepmom
blaten lee

Blaten Lee was getting dressed for work when her stepson came into her room asking for some cash. She had some to spare, but has not really been able to suck a good cock in a while. If stepson was willing to let her blow him, she would lend him the cash. Who would pass that up? Later that day Blaten returned from work super drained and had to get out of her clothes. Her stepson told her to take it into the other room, and she fired back that maybe he should take his cock and shove it up her cunt. They fucked right there on the couch and wrapped it up before dad could get home. The next morning Blaten was baking muffins when stepson wanted cupcakes. This got his nerves up, and her see through lingerie was getting him extremely hard. They decided to forget about the muffins and fuck right there in the kitchen. Stepson even took the time to cum on her lovely face. Everyone was satisfied, except dad who came home to the most burnt ass muffins he has ever tasted in his whole damn life.

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Pleasing My Stepson Is A Full Time Job
alessandra snow

Alessandra Snow is a busy stepmom who tries to make time for her stepson whenever possible. One morning she was venting to him about how much she did not want to go to work, but all he could do was stare at her tits. She called him out on it and had him drop his trousers so she could see if he was actually turned on by this. He was as hard as a rock. Alessandra was kind of proud, so she began to jerk him off and suck him a little. She had to cut it short though, but she made a reminder to make sure to fully satisfy him at some other point in the week. Later that day Alessandra got home pretty tired, and would not be able to fuck her stepson just yet, but she still needed to pleasure herself a little before she got some rest. She began to twiddle her twat furiously while stepson sneakily watched from the door. She knew what he was doing, and that shit turned her on exponentially more. The next day Alessandra walked in on her stepson masturbating and told him she knew what he was doing the other day. Before he could try and make up excuses, Alessandra began to suck his cock and allow him entry into her tight mature cunt. Stepson was able to finally get his nut, please his stepmom, and wrap it all up before dad got home. This family has their shit on lock!

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Caring Stepmother Gets Sexual
kagney linn karter

Kagney Linn Karter caught her stepson spying on her in the shower. She decided to use this as an opportunity to teach him about sex and anatomy. She pointed out particular parts on her naked body and even aided him in personal pleasure. This was the best lesson stepson has ever had! The next day Kagney stumbled across her stepsons stash of taboo stepmom porn. She knew he fantasized about her and decided to turn his dreams into a reality. She let stepson shove his cock down her throat and vowed that this would only be a one time deal. The next day stepson got home from a bad date, and Kagney could not stand to see him sad. She decided to make him feel better with her mature pussy and let him nut all over her. If this does not make a hormonal boy happy, then what the fuck will?

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Keeping Stepmoms Dirty Secret
silvia saige

Silvia Saige is a slender brunette with a new husband, a stepson,...and a dating app profile? When her stepson stumbles across some of her racy pics online, she does some damage control and makes a deal. She sucks his cock, and he promises not to tell his dad the truth about his new wife. But old habits die hard and Silvia is still meeting dudes online. Her stepson is there waiting for her when she comes home from another hot date. This time, her stepson says he wants some pussy if she wants him to stay quiet. The next day, hes relaxing in his room when she comes knocking. Turns out, she cant stop thinking about her stepsons cock. She says she loves dad but it looks like she loves cock a lot more.

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Benefits Of A Busty Stepmom
alexis fawx

Alexis Fawx is a busty mature milf who likes taking a proactive role in her stepsons life, even when he has friends around. Her stepson and his best bud were just sitting around watching tv and she decided to stop in and pleasure her son while his friend watched. It was surprisingly not that awkward, just super hot! A day later the boys were just chilling in the kitchen until Alexis showed up to prepare her son for the day. A quick blowie and cum swallow prepared both of the boys for the day ahead. A few days later Alexis answered her door only to be greeted by her sons friend. He was wondering if maybe she would consider starting to treat him the same way she treats her stepson. It was all starting to make sense why this friend was spending so much time at the Fawx residence recently. She invited her stepsons young friend inside and gave him the family treatment. He was full of ideas and questions when he came in, and drained of all worries and jizz when he left. Alexis was proud of her stepson and the people he had chosen to surround himself with :)

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The Naughtiest Bustiest Milf
christie stevens

Christie Stevens is a naughty little MILF with a streak of mischief a mile wide. She seems to be making herself at home with her new husband and her stepson, trying hard to take his moms place around the house. But mom never had moves like Christie! When she gets home from the grocery store, she finds her stepson and his girlfriend working out in the living room. She gets so turned on by it, she calls her stepson over to the kitchen so she can drop to her knees and suck that dick. His girlfriend cant see her because she on the other side of the kitchen counter, and thats just fine with stepmom. She likes the thrilling danger of maybe getting caught. It gets her so turned on, she can barely control herself. She teases her stepson by flashing her tits at him from behind his girlfriend. Hes so distracted by his stepmom, that his girlfriend even notices. Later when she falls asleep, stepmom sneaks into his room quietly, and makes her way over to him, grabbing at his cock again. She hungrily sucks his cock, getting it nice and hard before stuffing it into her hungry cunt. Its hard, but she manages to stay quiet enough that they dont wake his girlfriend.

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The Sex Starved Stepmom
kiki daire

Kiki Daire is the head bitch in charge of this household, having successfully broken up her husbands previous marriage. Now that shes moved in, shes living with her new husband and stepson. One afternoon, she barges into her stepsons room and asks him what hes doing. Hes just lying on his bed, so hes not sure what her problem is. She wastes no time showing him exactly what her problem is, shes starving for some cock. She goes down on her stepson like a hungry hippo, devouring his big cock and swallowing his load, showing him exactly why his father left his mom. The next day, Kiki catches her stepson before he leaves the house and asks for his opinion while she tries on new lingerie. She wants to make sure his father likes it, and she decides the best way to do that is by gauging her stepsons reaction first. And his dick doesnt lie, springing to attention at the sight of her big, pendulous breasts. She takes his hand and places his probing fingers between her perfectly shaved meat curtains. A look of satisfaction comes over his stepmoms smug face as she relishes the taste of his cum in her throat. The next night, her husband is asleep when her stepson gets home. Although she hasnt stepped foot in the kitchen all day, she makes sure her stepson stays well fed with a big, heaping mouthful of his stepmoms moist pussy delight.

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A Stepdaughter With Benefits
mindi mink and jessica rex

Mindi Mink loves fucking with her stepdaughter Jessica Rex. She wakes her up early on sunday when she knows she was out being a slut the night before. She instructs her to change into something short and comfortable before she meets her in the living room to scrub the floor. Mindi gets a kick out of controlling her stepdaughter, especially when it allows her to masturbate while she stares at her ass. She did this for almost ten minutes until she slapped Jessicas pussy, left the room, and called her a good girl for once in her life. Later that night they had their usual dinner with no conversation and lots of trash talk about Jessica's table manners. It got to the point where Mindi was so upset that she commanded Jessica to eat her pussy instead of the food. Jessica was bothered by this, but her cunt tasted way better than the food anyway. No need for dessert this evening! A few nights later Jessica was caught coming home super late by Mindi. She commanded Jessica to strip right in front of her as punishment. From there she reassured her with some love filled kisses and they each took turns pleasing each others holes until they were feeling so orgasmic that they completely forgot why they were mad at each other in the first place.

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Horny In The Household
marie mccray

Marie Mccray caught her son jizzing all over her towels and watching stepmom porn. She wanted to teach him a lesson, so she had him masturbate in front of her. She could see he was freaked out, so she played with herself too to make him more comfortable. The next day when Marie was making her stepson breakfast she found out he was more hungry for her hot mature body than a bowl of cereal. They only had a little time to fuck before dad woke up, so they made sure to make it quick and satisfying. A few days later stepson was walking by Maries room and heard her talking to his dad about his birthday present. All he ever really wanted was to fuck her pussy again, so she provided her stepson with what he needed and will still probably manage to get him an amazing gift. Now that is the perfect shining example of a perfect stepmom if you ask us :)

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Hot And Wild Maternal Guidance
danica dillon

Danica Dillon is a busty and beautiful stepmom who prefers to teach her stepson rather than punishing him. She caught him sniffing her panties and instead of telling his father she just had him eat her out. When it came down to advice for a job interview she taught him how to seduce his interviewer instead of relying on raw skill. He came a little quick, but she was not the most upset about that. Finally, Danica caught her stepson listening in on a phone sex session between her and his father. Instead of shooing him away she used him to enhance her phone sex by performing sex acts on stepson while daddy could hear the audio. He was none the wiser and just as content as stepson was after a hot steamy load.

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The Cum Hungry Stepmother
tucker stevens

Tucker Stevens is a hot cougar milf who loves cum! Not because she is a total slut but because she is trying to get pregnant. Her husband has been shooting blanks therefore she looked to her stepson for assistance. She gave him a blowjob to persuade him, but dad got home early and spoiled all the fun. She then resorted to stealing her stepsons condoms out of the trash and funneling his jizz into her pussy. Too bad she got caught. Then she had to fuck her stepson to keep him quiet and let him cum inside her so maybe she has a better chance of getting pregnant. A few days later the pregnancy test came back negative. She needed one final cum sample form her son and in return she was willing to give him some cash. Stepson of course took the deal and drilled Tuckers tight mature pussy until he blew his load as far deep as her stomach. If this does not get her pregnant, what the fuck will?

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Stretching Out Stepmom
vanessa cage

Vanessa Cage was an insatiable stepmom with an incredible body. Her stepson noticed it while she was doing yoga. He interrupted her session then got persuaded to help her stretch. After getting a handful of her ass, Vanessa felt her stepsons erect cock in his pants. She then sucked it and drained him of his juices. What was he getting himself into? The next day stepson heard moans from Vanessa's room. She was playing with herself and wanted him to come join. His friends would be so jealous if they knew he was playing with and fucking his hot busty stepmom, but for now it would have to be their little secret! The next morning Vanessa went to go wake her stepson up for school. His morning wood was noticeable so she grabbed it and used it to fuck herself. Vanessa usually enjoyed eating her stepsons cum, but stepmommys pussy did him in so right that he popped all over the bed. This is one lucky young man!

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My Stepmom Is A Nymphomanic
alyssa jade

Alyssa Jade is always trying to please the men in her family. She pleases her husband by sending him hot selfies, and she pleases her stepson by helping him out with some cash every now and again. She does sometimes ask for things in return though, and today she asked her stepson to help her take hot pics for his father. Stepson got hard from doing this and Alyssa went to go suck his bulge. Stepson got too freaked out and could not let her finish. The next day Alyssa sent her stepson a nude selfie and told him to meet her in the shower. All she could think about was his dick. Before long she was sucking it and fucking it. Stepson even worked up the courage to finish this time. A few days later Alyssa busted into stepsons room super nervous. His dad found a picture she took with stepsons jizz on her face. She was screwed. Stepson was trying to figure out how to fix the situation, but Alyssa kept grabbing at his cock. She wanted it one last time. What stepmom wants stepmom gets, so stepson had no choice but to please her and give her a facial. He was a bit of a dick about it this time though. He snapped a pic of her cum drenched face and vowed to show it to his dad. Maybe that will teach her a lesson!

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Revenge On Your Father
cory chase

Cory Chase is a wild stepmom who doesn’t mind pushing the boundaries. Whether it’s asking her stepson to feel up on her tits, sucking his cock in return for a lotion filled rubdown, or even using him as a rebound for her unfaithful husband. This MILF not only knows what she wants, but also knows how to get it.

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